Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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so when i 1st heard their two wacky new cds, i was a bit perplexed. i liked kid a but amnesiac bored me. i'm listening to it now tho, and like it a lot more. for what it's worth. i still like kid a more tho i wasn't sniffing your spicy brains

o yeah, i forgot to mention this... my friend tiff who i havent talked to in abotu a zillion years, was actually online and not away last nite, for the 1st time in forever. so i IMed her. we talked to about a minute, and ran out of things to say, and that was it. that was pretty disapointing
on the gooder side, i talked to larissa for like 3 hrs. that was much fun

my back hurts a whole lot right now

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