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dan's credit history

well, that wasn't so bad. i called all the various creditcard-related companies about all the stupid charges and such i've accrued this month. with a few minor annoyances and one pleasant surprise, it all went thru tolerably.
first of all, apparnetly NCR "forgot" to cancel my account (which would explain the letter i got a few days after cancelling, which read in part "thank you for your recent inquiry regarding your membership... to express our appreciation for your continued support..."). but i got that put thru officially as far as i know, and should get refunded in 7-10 days. privacy guard has my cancellation date listed as the 20th which is later than i'd thought but at least it was in there. theyre also 7-10 days. so there's $110 right there.
the payment protection refund is only for $1.23, but i mainly want that cuz i'm pissed at them: the person who signed me up for it outright lied to me in how the billing would work (much like whoever took my initial cancelation for NCR outright lied. nice people). apparnetly thatll show up in a month
the auto club refund should also come in a month apparently. long as it gets here, i suppose.
and lastly, the card itself - i called capital one for 3 reasons: find out why is my available credit is zero, get the overlimit fee thrown out, and get refunded for the 6$ ATM fees i had to get because my credit was zero for no reason that i had been informed of [2], and both times it happened i didnt have enough cash on me. apparently my credit was zero because they'd put a hold on my account. the lady i was talking to (i got transfered at least 3 times during my call) at that point went thru all my charges for hte past month to verify everything [1], but said she had no idea why my account had a hold on it. turns out it was because the magnetic strip is slightly scratched, so they werent getting correct info from when it was swiped. oookay..
anyway, so she sends me to talk to her supervisor, who when she asked what was up i went into a rant about everything that had been going on. i was just sick of it at this point. so she pretty quickly took care of everything, maybe i should rant at people more often. so no overlimit fee, the hold is taken off my card, theyre mailing me a new card so it wont be all scratched up, aaand to cover the ATM fees and my aggravation, i get a 30$ credit to my account. spectacular!

[1] this included gas i attempted to buy at cumberland farms. she repeatedly referred to them as cucumberland, each time forcing me to restrain hysterical laughter. (also, and i dont know quite what this says about me, but hte 1st time she said it before i realized what she meant, i was worried for a moment someone had gotten ahold of my account and was buying things at a sex shop). so in conclusion: CUCUMBERLAND!!! HA!!

[2] apparently when they put a hold on my account, they mailed me a letter saying so, and whcih i would assume said how to take care of it. this letter hasnt shown up yet. and even if it had, this doesnt seem like the most efficient way of informing someone that thier credit card is no longer useable, when they have (and have used) my phone# and email

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