Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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i planned to go to bed tonite, at the latest, an hour and a half ago.

and i never had the food i was gonna have tonite

and i never watched those tapes i was gonna watch tonite

and outside home and work, the only person i've seen since school got out is lauri (and her family, and incidentals). i miss having friends

no wait, jeff showed up at work tonite, buying money orders,right when my shift got out. he was there a wholeminute or so before he had to go home and sleep, or something. and i think sputnik came in the other day. we said hi's and how-are-you's (which i exchange with a fair number of customers) and she gave me a we-are-freinds smile, but that was all. i was being slow and my brain was stuck on "hey, she looks sorta familiar" until she was already gone. i have no way to contact her other than online, where she never is anymore. i hope she comes back to cumbys when i'm workin sometime, i'd like to see her. havent in forever

i never mentioned chantillys here, did i? maybe i'll do that, before i forget

i hope whoever decided i was fit to funrun my own life has been fired

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