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oh yeah, blah

so apparently my calc teacher now "reserves the right" to take attendence at class. damn. now i can't skip when i'm tired. it's at 8 in the damn morning! morning = EVIL. oh well. on the plus side, i'm probably skipping my calc lab today. a) we never do anything useful there other than quizzes b) had a quiz tuesday, therefore none today c) test yesterday so we're just starting a new section now, so i won't miss anything d) we haven't gotten the tests back yet, so can't go over it very well. therefore this will be a useless day. so i'll stay here and do homework cuz i have a lot and want to get it done. then i have an aegis meeting tonite, that'll be fun. they're always fun, people there are cool. i miss fencing tho, i haven't gone in a long time. probly once or twice in the past month. i'm always either busy or lazy. great mix, eh? oh well. it's the end of the year, nothing exciting is going on. i'll try to start going again soon, and i can get fully back into the swing of it next year.
oh yeah, and i've had a cold for like a week now, that's kinda gross. right now my nose is all stuffed up and my throat is kinda sore. better than the EXTREMELY RUNNY NOSE i've had all week tho. i'd rather be stuffy than runny - can always breath thru my mouth instead, and this way i'm not constantly gross and dripping or whatever. mmm snot. damn cold.
ok, back to iliad. as soon as i finish this book (4)(as in one of the books of the iliad, not the book containing the iliad), i'm going for lunch. that reminds me, i need to rant about philbrook's fancy meal sometime.

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