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January 3rd, 2002

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03:21 pm
i am unbelievely pissed. i had my eye exam today. now what i had been told by my insurance is that i'd have a 10$ co-pay for said exam, and if i decided i wanted contacts i'd have to figure out how much that costs based on the prescription i get, etc. all i said to them - eye place them - is that i wanted an appt adn i was interested in contacts but wanted informtaion. so i go in, fill in some paperwork, and go into the doctor. he's an ass in general. at one point he says something about i have condition [insert name] which is inflamed eyelids. he turns to write something in his file, i ask about what that means, and he says, wiht an infinite lack of patience, "we can do this two ways: we can have a question and answer session, or i can just tell you all about it myself". and then he told me abotu it, and i seethed. he decides to give me an eye exam, i wasnt really sure why but went along with it. i was paying my 10 bucks so why not. i figured he just wanted to check the numbers himself. anyway, he does all that, rather bruskly, and while i'm waiting for my eyes to dilate im' talking to a receptionist about the charges depending on what i wanted to do with the different types of contacts. long story short, i'm probably not getting contacts, it's too much expense and hassle and my insurance blows. but what i also discovered in this conversation is that i was being charged 50$ for the exam because the co-pay didnt cover the contact exam, only teh basic exam. i'd never been told this before, it had never been mentioned, i'd never asked for a contact exam, i just wanted to talk to him about it and decide if i wanted to bother in hte 1st place. if i'd been thinking, i wouldve said i wasnt paying it right then, but i didnt so i gave them 30$ cuz thats all i had on me and said i'd pay it in a week. so my plan now is to call, say i dont want contacts, and i want my twenty bucks back.

update: i dont know if it's clear from that, cuz i'm too lazy to re-read what i wrote. but it's not hte 50 bucks that pisses me off, i wasnt this upset at all the stupid companys charging my credit card for twice that. i was pissed because they did that PLUS just being condescending assholes in general. even if i hadnt been charged for anything, i woudlnt wanna go back there
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Date:January 9th, 2002 10:36 pm (UTC)
That's a load of crap. Try talking to your insurance company about it (though most insurance companies suck ass, so I don't know if that'll help). If that gets you nowhere, head for the Better Business Bureau. They might not do anything for you, but at least they'll have a record of these people screwing you that might save someone else.

And despite being a fairly shy/reserved type of guy, if a doctor had said that to me, he'd be on his ass faster than you can say "dickhead". A doctor who doesn't get involved in question and answer sessions ought to have his license revoked, and I think by most state laws, he would.

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