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so my friend chris from work was going to trip with his friends last night, and he invited me along. they were using dxm, which is in some cough medicines (robotussin and sucrets for example). he advised me to go with teh sucrets (losenges) cuz it's nasty drinking a bottle of cough syrup (not that swallowing 18 cough losenges is so much fun).
i'll mention at this point that chris knows more about drugs than probably anyone i've met, and he doenst screw around. of all the drugs he's researched, there's only like 3 he'll do cuz the others he considers too dangerous and/or addictive (alcohol is on the no list, for example). so he said this was safe adn i trust him it was
anyway, long story short, it turns out the sucrets didnt have enough dxm to have much any effect beyond make me feel just slightly swimmy. the syrup definitely wouldve done the trick, there's like 4 or 5 times more dxm in there. cept that my stomach reacted rather badly to them, and i threw up twice and was nausious most of the night. so takign the syrup would be even worse (chris, who didnt get much effect from them either but wasnt nausious, was trying these cuz when he used the syrup last time he threw up. so for me it'd probly be pretty nasty)
so that's my exciting drug story. i have now tried pot and dxm and neither did a damn thing. no fun

(if you were wondering, this entry is freinds-only cuz my dad occasionally reads this, and he is extremely anti-drugs [1] and would not be happy with me)

[1] i've pointed out to him before that his stance (which from what i can tell, is that any amount of any drug is terrible and will destroy your life) is hypocritical from someone who drinks (not a lot, but taht's besides the point). i forget what his response was, but it wasnt terribly enlightening

by the way, i don't know how all of you feel about such things. feel free to say whatever to me on the subject, should you feel the need, but no ranting please

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