Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

rock your socks off

King Nixon (2:02:22 PM): oh! i thought of a neat song to acoustic-ify!
King Nixon (2:02:26 PM): static-x "bled for days"
Scummder (2:02:34 PM): :o
Scummder (2:02:47 PM): how comes the Day Of Death Clock song? [1]
King Nixon (2:03:16 PM): i still only have submissions from you and rob~
Scummder (2:03:42 PM): D'oh!
Scummder (2:03:52 PM): I can mutilate some more voice samples of me :>
King Nixon (2:03:52 PM): i wanted to wait til i had more, but it looks like that's all i'm getting. so i'll hafta make due with us 3
Scummder (2:04:01 PM): Kay
King Nixon (2:04:09 PM): i'll start it when i get back to school and have access to my pirated music programs
Scummder (2:04:20 PM): most excellent :>
King Nixon (2:04:24 PM): anything you wanna contribute will be happily accepted =)
Scummder (2:04:58 PM): do you want me to wait till your back in rez?
King Nixon (2:07:37 PM): thatd be more convenient, yuh. anything i get here, i'd just have to email to myself when i go back to school [2]

so yeah, if anyone else wants to take part in this epic recording event, you have til about the end of the month.

[1] in case you forgot, here's the dealy, from my 1st post on the subject:
arright everyone, it's time to get musical. i'm going to make this into a rawkin song. but rather than display any measurable talent of my own, i'm going to do it via samples (my guitar is at home anyway). so here is the request: all of you email me [] a wav of you saying, in any manner you see fit for an epic recording such as this, "personal day of Death Clock says my".

[2] this happens approx the 21st, i think, but i forget exactly

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