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life's so goddamn fuckin' great

ya know, i find it rather annoying that every time lately i have had free time and wanted to actually get caught up on lj, the server is b0rked.

i've been playing warcraft II with eric alot lately. for the amount of time i've actualy been playing, i rule! if i can get my early game better, i'd rock da hizouse

tomorrow i need to call the place in bedford about glasses, and i need to call that other place about my 50 bucks, and i need to get an appt to get my car inspected, and i want to buy some pants cuz i have exactly 2 pairs now (i had 3, but one of em [my favorite of the 3 too] developed a hole in the butt area and i don't feel like having a big ass patch).
wednesday, i'm hangin out with sara! i'm psyched for that
friday, i'm hangin out w/ laura and nastassia then goin to a lazardos show

this all, of coures, assuming none of my plans get snowed out. there's supposed to be more snow on the way this week
we finally got actual snow this winter! this is exciting!

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