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ya know how in IE, when you're typing in a url, it will suggest sites that you've been to before which begin the same? why does my computer have to spin the cd drive to access this feature?

hey! who does the song, i think it's fairly old but not sure, which goes "woooah black betty, ramalamalam" repeated sixthousand times? it's on the radio all the time but they never say who it is

i ordered glasses! they'll take about a week, she said. the lady there was very nice. she said she used to work for dr fucknut who i went to before, and she quit cuz he was a jerk. yay.

then i got lost on the way home cuz all the highway signs were oddly small, and with my exciting 8 yr old glasses i can't read small signs. so that was tons of fun.. but an hour later, after about 6 wrong turns, i got back where i'm sposed to be. stopped in at papa ginos cuz i was starving and randomly there were people there. that was cool. it's funny that i had like 4 conversations with skully last year, and now i've suddenly hung out w/ him 3 times in the last 2 weeks. cool beans

i never ended up pants shopping, by thte time i got back i was sick of driving and just went home after fooding. so tomorrow i'm going with lyzi =)

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