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take her down (to crippletown) - here is where i live — LiveJournal

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January 8th, 2002

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10:09 pm - take her down (to crippletown)
i didn't yesterday
and i'm not gonna eat today
and i'm not gonna eat tomorrow
cuz i'm gonna be a supermodel

how can people do that? i love to eat, food is so yummy. around 2 today, i had a can of beefaroni. according to the thing, it was 2 servings worth, but i had it all and was hungry again at 4:30. waht the hell? stupid misleading serving sizes
and i know, it's usually because the people think theyre fat, that they do this. but 90 times out of 10, they're NOT dammit.

the subjectline, btw, is the name of a rob zombie song. beautiful, innit?
state: mystified
np: jill sobule - supermodel

(en garde!)

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