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January 9th, 2002

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12:45 am - why am i even bothering to post this?
so back in teh day, i tried getting lj comments in html, decided quickly taht i didnt like it and switched back. i coudlnt remember why i had decided that, so i figured today i would try it again. it does have its good points: dont need to go to anoher page every time you wanna respond being the big one. but there's things i dont like much - doesn't it opening an ie window to say it posted defeat the purpose of responding in the email? and why does every 4th or so comment still show up as plaintext? and i want to be able to change userpics and stuff dammit! and i miss being able to go from the textbox to the submit button with tab, now i have to go to allll hte effort of using the mouse to click the button

update: i just remembered another reason not to use html commenties. when i get a plaintext one and have to click over to the post to answer it, i can look at hte other comments that have come in and answer those too if i so desire

this is one of my more pointless entries. w00t.

while i'm on the subject of nothing, i'll point out that mountain dew is weird. it usually starts out good, then after spending some time in my fridge gets an odd taste to it. i got some at papa ginos tonite which tasted kinda odd, like it had extra citrus in it. but after being in my fridge awhile, it got wicked good! hmm. i drank it all now tho :[
state: !exciting
np: world party - all the young dudes [such a dorky song title. ah that bowie]

(4 shots upside the head | en garde!)


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Date:January 13th, 2002 11:47 am (UTC)


actually it was a fountain drink which got better after fridging. usually they don't last long enough to get into the fridge, the ones that don't taste as good anymore are 2 liter bottles
and mountain dew is the only one that does this

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