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i really dont want to go to bed right now, but i am[1]. the only actual newyears resolution i made (cuz i knew it's the only one i'd manage to keep myself on) is no waking up past noon [note that this does not mean i can't be awakened by my alarm and then lie in bed for an hour before i actually get up (and since my alarm is my stereo i have something to listen to while i'm lying there)].
of course, once i get back to school, i'll have to get up 3 days a week at like 9:30, for calc II. and i will of course be tempted to skip it and sleep more, like i always end up doing with my morning classes. but i semi-resolve not to do this. it's not a full resolution cuz how well i follow thru depends largely on whether or not the class sucks.
i read somewhere that it's healthier to get up approximately the same time every day, even if this means some days you're geting up early for no reason and you havent gotten enough sleep. i can't remember where i read that, so i dont know how true it is, but i suppose it's worth trying. i'm tired all the time anyway, so it coudlnt hurt much

[1] not in the i'm-not-tired sense, cuz i could sleep. i just feel like i should do something more with the day, but i dont knwo what. i did more today than i have most days since i got home (and really, most days at school too), plus i read lots of lj finally, and am sortof on the way to catching up sortof. but i feel like i need to do something more. i have no idea. it's a terribly frustrating feeling

ya know, alot of the time i write these entries in one giant lump than go back and put in paragraphs so it looks less horrid.

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