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January 10th, 2002

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09:20 pm - nonplus
so on monday(?) night, talkin to laura online, i'd said since lazardos are playing in nashua - where she lives - friday at 7, i should come down early and we could hang out, cuz i havent seen her or nastassia (who came down to visit and i's stayin with her for the week) in awhile. she said yeah, all was well. so i called her tonite, seeing as i have no idea how to get to her house. none of us (i talked to nastassia a lil too) had much in the way of conversation, which was kinda odd. there were uncomfortable silences abounding - i woudlnt be surprised if that's the 1st time me n nastassia have had one of those. but anywya, laura gave me directions, and i asked bout what time i shoudl show up. she said 6:30, cuz thatd give us enough time to get to the show.. wasnt the plan to hang out prior to heading to the show? and of course, me being suave, i just mumble "oh, um.. yeah", so 6:30 it is. we may as well be meeting at the show, really

o yeah, i called the eye place. after a somewhat lengthy argument, the lady says "so what you're saying is, you're not going to pay the rest of your fee?" i agreed, so she says "well this conversation is done then" and hung up. so i guess i'm not getting my 20 bucks back, and i dont care enough to make more of a bother, but it's still 30 less than they wanted, so whatever.

work was damn boring today. damn boring. it was terribly slow til 3 or so, then it got a little busier, but it was still really boring. i was so very tired by the end, i just wanted to curl up on the counter and go to sleep. the 1 cool thing was that i got to watch some guy get arrested. he pulls up to a gas pump and a cop car pulls up behind him a minute later. the cop gets out and talks to the guy a while, then another cop car shows up w/ 2 more cops in it. they all get out to talk to him, and next i saw he was handcuffed and being led to the cop car. i was hoping he'd make a break for it and i'd get a show, but he just calmly went off. still the coolest thing that's happened all day
state: disapointed
np: deftones - teenager

(en garde!)

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