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on the plus side, i am going to watch my thursday night lineup of south park/man show/adult swim, which i have forgotten to watch since i got home (adult swim is also on sundays, and i have also forgotten to watch it then). word.

o yeah, so i hung out w/ sara last night. it's been way too long since the last time i saw her. we rented interview w/ a vampire, which my review of it was "it seemed like it should have been a good movie, but it really wasnt". by all accounts it was great, but it bored the hell out of us. ah well. we rented edward scissorhands too, cuz she's never seen it, but we dint have time to watch cuz i asked her why she had review written on her hand and she remembered she had to write a review paper thing for class the next day. doh! but yeah, good times
and before goin down to see her, i went w/ lyzi to buy pants at goodwill. i got 3 pair, yay! for $5.47, even

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