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January 11th, 2002

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12:09 am - adult swim
apparently teh 2nd episode of home movies has been replaced with baby blues (based on the comic strip). it's even less funny than the strip it's based on, so i can't say i'm too pumped. luckily, the man show is on at the same time so all is well. aqua team hunger force was in RARE FORM. sealab was just fucked up. space ghost had a FULL HALF HOUR EPISODE. i think that's the 1st time i've seen them do that. usually it's 2 fifteen minute eps, for those sick souls among you who dont watch. it was very amusing, and they had guest chefs cooking food whcih i want to eat. that's why i hate watchign cooking shows: they make me ohso very hungry. (btw, have any of you watched 'yan can cook'? cuz he was one of the guests and he was a massive psycho nutbar. is he always like that?). so yeah.

spaceghost: we'll be back after these important messages!
[a giant eyeball appears for no reason]
spaceghost: AHHHH!
[cuts to commercial]
np: cracker (i think) - shake some action

(15 shots upside the head | en garde!)


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Date:January 13th, 2002 11:42 am (UTC)

Re: they fucked up home movies

i didnt watch home movies, i don't like it much. but hte squiggliness was one of the cooler things about it

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