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dreaming.... dreaming is real....

i had one of the weirdest and most vivid dreams ever, last night. i dont remember it in order, but here's a general idea.

so i'm in some sort of magical world. i'm a wizard ninja type person, but my various skills seem to go on and off for no reason, so it's not always so helpful. i don't remember hte beginning at all, so i cant really remember why any of this is going on. wait! i remember a little now, i was in some computer-related store owned by my dreamparents. i'm approached by these evil guys who want to kidnap me for evil criminal acts (theyre evil guys but tehyre going to punish me for evil. hmm). see, i'd found this site online that let you sign up to be a russian spy, and not believing it and thinking itd be funny, i signed up.
so i became a russian spy, and did some sort of spy activity i dont really remember other than skulking about someone's house. but after a drawn-out chase scene (there's lots of those) which involves my parnets and random people trying to help me and being attacked, i'm captured in the bathroom of what looks like a highschool but is really some sort of sinister building [1], by the evil group of people-who-are-sometimes-gorillas (they switch back and forth), who tie me to a table and are beating me up and saying how theyre going to do horrible vengeful things to me. thru some cunning maneuver i dont remember, i escape, and have another long chase scene (turns out there's only 2, i thought there were more). wait! tehre is another. this time i get away entirely, and it cuts to a new scene of me in a crowd of people watching another me give a lecture on some scientific something.
the evil guys appear, but arent sure which me to go after (the fact that theres like 20 of them and they could easily capture us both doesnt occur to them). so they decide, as i'd planned, that i couldnt be the one giving hte lecture cuz thatd be too obvious so i must be the one hiding in the crowd. so they go after the fakeme (robot? i think it was) and the real me starts walking off, pretendign to be the robot after all. but one of them suspects, and follows me, crackign me over the head wiht something. i stoicly deal with it, still robotly walking, until right in the doorway, i turn around and clobber him, and run off. theyre all after me now of course. i'm thinking while i run that i shouldve waited til i got out of the room to clobber the guy. o, adn there was something about a medical cart in the room i was heading into, but i forget. so anyway i'm running out of the building, adn it's the mub from unh only supercomplex, with doorways and hallways and beams and stairs everywhere.
i do sneaky things to increase my lead, get outside, and start running across this vast field of grass and trees and sloping hillsides. i forget where i was heading, but i picked some direction and went. i changed direction a few times to avoid beasties out in the field, but i came upon part of the courtyard from central (i didnt recognize it as such in the dream, but it was the those really pointy stairs by beech st). this is all covered in orcs from warcraft II (tho i was thinking of them as goblins) and for some reason i cant change direction quickly enough to avoid them. so i'm running thru the group of them trying to get past them, and there's a goblin sapper who i'm really hoping doesnt blow me up. i'm going really slowly here so i'm afraid the guys still chasing me are going to catch me, but they arent anywhere around. eventually i realize it would be faster if i flew, so i suddenly, in a flash of light, leap up in teh air, turn into a witch, and fly out to this deserted shack. it has some very significant poster on the wall which unfortanately i forget. there's also a tree i think. anyway, the guys eventually show up and theyre looking for me, not realizing i am hiding in some other dimension or something. this all ties in with teh poster which i cant remember, so this whole bit is gone. but they figure it out, and bring me out, and there's a whole group of people they capture, and i dont remmeber what is going on or what happens at this point and then i woke up. so this story really has no end, which is a shame cuz it was quite striking at the time.

[1] i remember another vivid school-ensconsed dream i had once: a buncha people and me were all trapped in a school gym, in a huge violently dangerous obstacle course. the survivors eventually escaped, so we went outside and played kickball even tho there were people after us

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