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did i ever mention this? my asst manager at cumbys, who's been with the company 5 years or so, has been robbed twice while at work. he's never been hurt or anything[1]. he says if it happens a 3rd time, he's quitting cuz thatd be tempting fate. staying after the THIRD time would be tempting fate?! here is what would happen if anyone tried to rob the store when i was working:

anyone - and i mean anyone, i don't care if theyre 6 and their only weapon is a french fry - comes in and says theyre robbing the place, i would say "ok, take whatever you want", walk out, drive home, and never go anywhere the hell near that place again.
the last thing i need is to be shot over someone else's money and cigarettes

[1] and just cuz it's super freaky, i'll pass this along too.. he said that the 1st time he was robbed, it was by a guy wearing the ghost mask from Scream, wielding a hammer. THE GUY FROM SCREAM WITH A HAMMER!! o my christ, i would go into a coma or something

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