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OH HELL YEAH!!! i'm caught up on my friendspage!! well actually, i'm… - here is where i live

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January 13th, 2002

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04:14 am
OH HELL YEAH!!! i'm caught up on my friendspage!! well actually, i'm 1/3 caught up. the reason i've been zipping ahead so fast lately is that i made 3 friendgroups. i have caught up on group 1, and will now (now being tomorrow cuz i'm going to sleep now) start group 2. group 3, youre basically screwed unless i have a whole lotta free time for some reason. sorry guys

this song is so dorky, i love it. here is what the liner notes[1] have to say about it:
This song is bad, not that the others are supposed to be works of art but this one is just plain bad. It was written by a yong foolish boy that wishes he never did. Oh well ...life goes on. I love you.

[1] from the re-release of their 1st cd summer of '84. this is my friend nick(aka skully)'s band, btw. its not a very good cd at all, but it's cute and fun, and i have their otehr 2 cds already so i wanted to get this one

*goes to bed*
state: la!
np: 5 bucks! - standing next to you

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Date:January 15th, 2002 09:43 am (UTC)
so which friendgroup am i in?

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