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ya know, another thing i really don't like about getting html comments is when youre typing the reply, you cant use the delete button, or the email gets deleted and takes everything you were typing with it. i use the delete key all the time! bah. i'm just sticking with html for now cuz it's faster on the crapputer

and cuz it amuses me, i am stealing rob~'s idea of having a LineOfTheDay song quote, so you can all compete for fun and prizes. (note: prize is the satisfaction of winning, unless otherwise noted).

[ha! i forgot to mention, for those of you who don't read rob~ too.. the object is for you to correctly reply with song title and band]

here is today:
i am poison crazy lush
built these hands to lift me up
we are servants of our formulaic ways
i'm screaming daisies
from fourteen miles away
i got my own time, got it all today

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