Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

nothing interesting whatsoever happened today. seriously. i went to work. i read newsweek. i came home. blah.
back to school in 5 days, anyway

placeholder until i remember what i was going to say here

no one's gotten my last lyric thing! i know i've discussed this band w/ at least two of you, and this is their only song i've heard on the radio. so here is an easier clue, from teh same song:

raise your guard again
(they don't give a damn)

and just cuz, here's 3 more for today:

pour my life into a paper cup
the ashtray's full and i'm spilling my guts

i forget what eight is for

this ain't no motherfuckin' stickup

points [being too lazy to make it complicated like rob~'s, i'm going w/ one point each for song and band name]:

scumm_boy: 2
madeleine: 1
polyesterday: 1

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