Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

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lyric thing
i remember
i remember, don't worry
how could i ever forget?
it was the first time, the last time that we ever met

King Nixon (4:01:17 AM): possibly the funniest thing i've ever said.....
angry guy: i want to talk to the manager!
me: is there a problem?
guy: are you the boss here?
me: no
guy: so who's the boss?
me: tony danza
Hotdog Stan (4:01:56 AM): LOL what did he say to that?
King Nixon (4:02:36 AM): he gave me a look, and i said the manager would be back soon

work was just painfully boring today. i was 3-11. chris was on til 7, but he spent the majority of it on the phone trying to resolve personal things, so he wasnt much help. then he left, and all the entertainment i was able to muster for myself was playing the radio really loudly. "stinkfist" at excessive volumes is quite satisfying

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