May 11th, 2001



so i went to the review thingy for the calc final. it was godawful boring, so i left and got lunch cuz i was hungry. apparently we're not being tested on some of hte more ridiculous stuff, so yay for that. i'll study a bit after i'm done rambling in here, then sleep. then tomorrow morning, take hte test. ooh
got my critical analysis portfolio back today.. B. hurrah! B is good enough for dan. i'm guessing i get a B in calc and prose, and unless i completely bomb hte myth final, i'll have an A in there. so that's a 3.25gpa, not bad atall..
went to lauri/sara's concert tonite, twas fun. they played this song 'voodoo' which was weird drums and the whole band singing weirdness and flashing flashlights around. it was very odd, but very cool. then there were free snacks. mmm brownies! and tomorrow nite is the acappela thing - 5 o'clock shadow - that should be neat. judging from the 1 song i've heard, theyre ridiculously good. heron is possibly going with, we'll see.
when i got back tonite, to west edge, the shuttle was coming around to leave - hte 11 o'clock shuttle, last one of hte nite. so i got a halfass parking job and ran to catch it. whee.
oh! fun fact of the nite: lyzi is pregnant, apparently. i really don't know what to make of that.. i only talked to her for a few mins, she seems happy about it. so good for her, then.. i dunno, just seems weird. don't exactly konw a lot of pregnant people.. and i'll be hte only guy at the baby shower, i was informed. hmm.. okie. i really havent talked to her hardly at all in quite a while, i shoudl give her a call someitme soon. esp now, i wanna know whats up..
to round out my entry for the day, here's an excerpt from an email i got today, from my prose teacher: "Dan, I haven't seen either your journal or your Blank Book. Could you email me back and tell me what you intend to do?" this is NOT TRUE. she saw both. she wrote A on the front of my journal in blue pen, and circled it. hrmph. so i emailed her back saying she has seen both, but if she wants i can bring them in for her to see again. then i had to go dig my journal out of my recycle bin, where it was wedged in way at the bottom so i basically had to take everything else out 1st before i found it. damn overflowing trash bins. i guess it's good i didnt empty them out this morning like i had been planning. saved by laziness, i like it.
haha, o jeez! i just checked my voicemial.. apparently my mom got a msg on her answering machine, which said, in entirety "nh state prison". so she wants to make sure i'm not in jail or something, i dunno.. [shrug]
ok. time to learn some calc and go sleep. word.
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the calc final wasn't bad.. i predict a C+ on that, and a B in the class.. there were a couple problems i had no idea on. what's the derivative of arcsin? and i still don't know the product/quotient rules for intergration. meh. but overall, it wasn't a killer test, so yay for me.
and here's the email i got today from my prose teacher, in resopnse to my resopnse to her 1st one last nite: "Thanks, Dan, I thought I just didn't record your grade, but I had to make sure. As for the book, I remember you showing it to me in your conference. You're all set." hmmm. she could've just asked what grade i'd gotten on it.. o well, i'm all good now. yay for dan.
i will now play nintendo (hooray for emulators!) for an hour, then get lunch.
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