May 22nd, 2001


day of dan

so angie turned up yesterday around 3:30ish.. we went to goldenrod and got yummy foodstuffs (and waited in the wrong line to order and in the wrong place to get the food.. we were not doing too well).. the fries there rule.. my selections on the jukebox: that song from dirty dancing, "my sharona", and chumbawamba. a dollar well spent....then we went to her house and watched 'gone in 60 seconds'.. with her dad.. i think that's hte 6th time i've seen that. that movie rocks my socks... she fell asleep. go figure... then she drove me home the long way so we could cruise and listen to her 'say my name, bitch!' mix, which is wonderfully ghetto... o i forgot to mention, when she showed up, i answered the door brushing my teeth. yay for me beign prepared... twas the 1st time she'd been in my house, and the 1st time i'd been in her house. banner day, that... i dunno. i had a lot of fun, but it felt like i was really reaching for stuff to talk about alot.. i miss back last year when i saw her most every day at school and abacus and stuff, and we always went on breaks together.. twas good.. she's definitely on my list of peopel i need to see more of. that list is rather long, sadly. i'm very bad at this whole keeping in contact thing, i tend not to call people. not that i don't want to, i just don't think of it
later i downloaded fun programs from sonic foundry, because i've decided i should make some music. the programs are really interesting, but i don't understand htem at all yet, really. but i played around awhile. i want to try recording my guitar onto here and seeing what i can do with it, that could be interesting
today i got a haircut. yay. it's like my old hair, only short and significantly less poofy.
went to barnes and noble afterwards to see about becoming employed. my original plan was to work at blockbuster but dave informed me that steph can barely get hours there, so i figure it probably woudlnt do me a lot of good.. b&n's however said theyre only hiring people who'll work year-round, they dont' want peopel just for the summer.. damn. so i need to find somewhere else.. i'm steadily running short of funds
after that, went to chez auger.. watched crappy crappy tv with ben and his cousin. his family is marvelously entertaining, i really need to go over there more often. and i got one of the all-time best responses to my shower certificate card, as jenn ran out of the room, yelling at me. she is a really cool girl, she needs to come hang out with the crew sometime.. but as i was saying, watched fun tv - saved by the bell (with 90210 and quantum leap during the commercials), designing women, golden girls.. ben and i accompanied jake walking his dogs.. then home i went
now, at this point i was of the understanding i should call biggie's cell a mite before 8 to see what was up for the evening.. there was to be a mass viewing of the season finale of boston public, because we're all dorks. so i called, got no response, called a few more times to no more effect. i kept getting that stupid verizon recording. ah well. so around 8:20 i tried again, and auger answered,a nd said that they were at jack's house but there were too many peopel there already and they coudlnt have more (since when does jack's house have a person limit?), but theyd call if they went somewhere. anyway, long story short, never called. not that this surprises me.
on the plus side, i made a bad techno song. it has been described as industrial and as ninja-turtles-themesong-ish. hooray for me. should you actualy wanna hear this, ask me and i'll email it to you or something.. my name is dj trzaskoma. if i ever make a decent song, i'll email it to trzaskoma and see what he thinks of me stealing his name (it just sounds techno, doesnt it?)
jess IMed me tonite. haven't talked to her in ages. that was neat. tomorrow i'm sposed to hang out with lyzi, for the 1st time in 7000 years or so. assuming she doesn't disapear, as she tends to do, should be much fun
scumm_boy mentioned today that he's getting treatment for depression.... reminded me of mine. i dunno.. i mean, i'm a lot a lot better than i had been, but.. i could be better. it's weird, i don't really know how i'm feeling sometimes. the problem is it messes with your perception of yourself so you can't really tell at all soemtimes. i've been getting sad lately.. 'lately' makes it sound like this is something that just started, but no, probably not.. it feels different tho.. it always does, like "no, this is different, this is something else" as i said, messes with your perception of it
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