June 29th, 2001


"get out the hair clippers, jerk!"

the voice synth thingy he uses for the chorus in this song freaks me out.

o dammit, i was waiting for the end of the song to hear his tagline, but the mp3 isn't complete. now i'll never know.

i shoudl go to bed. the show's in 12 hours, and considering how i've been doing lately i'll have to set my alarm so i don't sleep thru it.

update: the mood of this entry is entirely unrelated to the text of this entry. in case anyone was wondering.
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    Wesley Willis - Cut the Mullet
angry face


i was gonna go to bed, but then this song came on. i love this song. now i have to wait for it to end before i can turn the computer off.
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    veruca salt - shutterbug