June 30th, 2001


madness... utter madness...

(dave called me dan, instead of the usual woody)
King Nixon (2:48:13 AM): since when am i dan?
BujinkinOi (2:48:40 AM): because I didn't want to call you Woody.
King Nixon (2:49:58 AM): fair nuff
King Nixon (2:50:00 AM): any reason?
BujinkinOi (2:50:10 AM): too many letters.
King Nixon (2:50:23 AM): haha
King Nixon (2:50:24 AM): yay
BujinkinOi (2:54:12 AM): you're happy about this?
BujinkinOi (2:54:16 AM): I will call you Dan mroe often,
King Nixon (2:54:57 AM): the yay was to your reason amusing me, actually
BujinkinOi (2:55:11 AM): it's a good reason.
BujinkinOi (2:55:15 AM): I'
King Nixon (2:55:16 AM): i like being called dan. its the least used of my nicknames. which is kinda odd, considering.
BujinkinOi (2:55:20 AM): ve decided
King Nixon (2:55:26 AM): is not a big deal tho
King Nixon (2:55:29 AM): indeed
BujinkinOi (2:55:32 AM): that if your name is longer than 3 letters
BujinkinOi (2:55:36 AM): than I won't talk to you
BujinkinOi (2:55:41 AM): thankfully, you fit in the window.
BujinkinOi (2:56:22 AM): that's why I refer to Laura by her initials
BujinkinOi (2:56:26 AM): so she passes the criteria
King Nixon (2:57:48 AM): thats a pretty narrow window you've set up, then
King Nixon (2:58:07 AM): haha, very nice. L_F ?
BujinkinOi (2:58:26 AM): LCF
BujinkinOi (2:58:32 AM): well.. I figure it like this
BujinkinOi (2:58:34 AM): Mom and Dad
BujinkinOi (2:58:38 AM): gotta talk to them, right?
BujinkinOi (2:58:43 AM): Dan... well, that's a given
BujinkinOi (2:58:56 AM): Joe... hell, all Joe's are nice simple people.. they don't start no shit with anyone
King Nixon (3:01:20 AM): how bout jack?
BujinkinOi (3:02:06 AM): I don't like Jack
BujinkinOi (3:02:14 AM): that whole cancer thing killed my image of him.
BujinkinOi (3:02:19 AM): lousy bum.
King Nixon (3:02:24 AM): lol
BujinkinOi (3:02:34 AM): Jack doesn't count
King Nixon (3:02:48 AM): as always, your insight is amazing
King Nixon (3:03:48 AM): well thats quite a system you have laid out. now is this just for aim, or are you done w/ names over 3 letters in real life too?
King Nixon (3:04:01 AM): seems like speakin gout loud, 'laura' would be simpler than 'LCF'
BujinkinOi (3:05:28 AM): well
BujinkinOi (3:05:38 AM): I'm thinking of implemneting it to oral conversation
King Nixon (3:08:08 AM): if u're going for oral efficiency, itd be better to look at syllables than letters
BujinkinOi (3:08:17 AM): nah dude.
BujinkinOi (3:08:21 AM): here's the catch.
BujinkinOi (3:08:27 AM): I'm not too bright.
BujinkinOi (3:08:47 AM): I'm a really simple minded person.. whose entire universe is based upon counting
BujinkinOi (3:08:54 AM): the small the number, the easier the task.
BujinkinOi (3:08:57 AM): for instance
BujinkinOi (3:09:04 AM): it is easier to beat up 1 midget, than 2
King Nixon (3:09:24 AM): you can count syllables, my man
King Nixon (3:09:41 AM): that is certainly true. 2 midgets just start running around everywhere and you cant catch em both and it's all a big mess
BujinkinOi (3:10:13 AM): but.. here's the thing
BujinkinOi (3:10:17 AM): I don
BujinkinOi (3:10:25 AM): 't get syllables
BujinkinOi (3:10:29 AM): because I really can't read.
King Nixon (3:10:39 AM): you do quite well on here for someone who cant read
BujinkinOi (3:10:53 AM): dude, I gotta be honest
BujinkinOi (3:10:56 AM): sometimes, I just get lucky.
BujinkinOi (3:11:08 AM): I guess I've been on a hot streak for the last few years.
King Nixon (3:12:04 AM): impressive
King Nixon (3:12:12 AM): so ur'e just guessing what i say, or how's this work?
King Nixon (3:12:27 AM): u shoudl get one of them stephen hawking programs to read stuff for you
BujinkinOi (3:12:31 AM): it's just coming to mind man
BujinkinOi (3:13:27 AM): I dunno
BujinkinOi (3:13:30 AM): it's just comes to me
BujinkinOi (3:13:38 AM): I'm a modern marvel
King Nixon (3:13:41 AM): you certainly are


(i have just defeated him in a discussion about infinity)(o, and for his don comment in a bit, so ya know, his last name is blaize)
HidinRob (2:20:27 AM): i win, you lose
HidinRob (2:20:28 AM): period
HidinRob (2:20:29 AM): :-)
HidinRob (2:20:47 AM): *innocent look)
HidinRob (2:20:48 AM): (
HidinRob (2:20:48 AM): (
HidinRob (2:20:49 AM): *
HidinRob (2:20:50 AM): fuck
HidinRob (2:22:09 AM): so, whats up, homes
King Nixon (2:24:10 AM): hmph, thas no good!
King Nixon (2:24:14 AM): rematch
King Nixon (2:24:14 AM): i win
King Nixon (2:24:16 AM): i retire
King Nixon (2:24:20 AM): ha! now i win forever
HidinRob (2:24:21 AM): meh
HidinRob (2:24:25 AM): rematch
HidinRob (2:24:28 AM): i win to infinity
King Nixon (2:24:31 AM): no remathc, i already retired
HidinRob (2:24:56 AM): i talked to your agent, and he arranged the rematch
HidinRob (2:24:57 AM): you had no say
King Nixon (2:26:32 AM): i tore up my contract, anything my agent says is not binding
HidinRob (2:28:18 AM): then i'll have your agent sue you for breach of contract... you'll get a new contract and then we'll have our rematch, where i'll win
HidinRob (2:28:20 AM): nyah
King Nixon (2:28:54 AM): how can it be breach of contract if the contract was voided? and i won't sign a new contract
King Nixon (2:29:03 AM): and if we ever DID have a rematch, i would win again
HidinRob (2:29:11 AM): no you wouldnt
King Nixon (2:29:40 AM): i would destroy you utterly.
HidinRob (2:29:46 AM): would not
HidinRob (2:29:56 AM): i have many powerful friends
King Nixon (2:31:58 AM): i know the people your powerful friends work for
HidinRob (2:32:11 AM): they dont work
King Nixon (2:33:51 AM): maybe thats what they tell you
King Nixon (2:34:01 AM): but all that power doesnt come cheap, ya know
HidinRob (2:34:02 AM): they are in "waste management"
King Nixon (2:34:20 AM): and someone has to be organizing all this "waste management"
HidinRob (2:34:27 AM): me
King Nixon (2:34:30 AM): and telling all your friends how to "manage" the "waste"
HidinRob (2:34:31 AM): don blazioni
King Nixon (2:34:47 AM): no no, that's just a memory implant. like in total recall.
HidinRob (2:35:32 AM): no it's not
HidinRob (2:36:06 AM): what you dont know, is that at birth, i had a brain transfer done on you... you really have the brain of a duck
HidinRob (2:38:37 AM): nope
HidinRob (2:38:43 AM): just a ordinary duck
King Nixon (2:38:47 AM): fraid so. you didnt read the label very carefully
King Nixon (2:38:50 AM): it was all in the fine print
HidinRob (2:38:56 AM): didnt you ever wonder why you walk around saying "quack" all the time?
King Nixon (2:40:31 AM): no. i just wondered why everyone else doesnt. it's marvelous fun
King Nixon (2:40:35 AM): quack!
HidinRob (2:40:55 AM): maybe you do have an enhanced duck brain
HidinRob (2:40:59 AM): but it's still a duck's brain
HidinRob (2:41:06 AM): no match for my own
HidinRob (2:41:10 AM): my own HUMAN bran
HidinRob (2:41:11 AM): brain
HidinRob (2:41:13 AM): :-(
King Nixon (2:41:32 AM): ya know....
HidinRob (2:41:38 AM): what od i know
King Nixon (2:41:40 AM): i really coudlnt have scripted that better
King Nixon (2:41:51 AM): your human bran indeed
HidinRob (2:42:09 AM): i have a brain
HidinRob (2:42:11 AM): not a bran flake
HidinRob (2:43:24 AM): Save Water - Take a bath with your neighbor's daughter
HidinRob (2:46:38 AM): Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
King Nixon (2:47:32 AM): teehee. only problem is my neighbors are all like 90 so i suspect their daughters will be a bit on the oldish side as well
HidinRob (2:56:21 AM): you're not talking to me... i must therefore assume you are talking to someone less important...
King Nixon (2:57:14 AM): i talked last. it was ur turn to respond
HidinRob (2:57:36 AM): you do not have the proper respect for a don
HidinRob (2:57:41 AM): gino... have him killed
King Nixon (2:58:24 AM): umm, i'm gino, remember?
HidinRob (2:58:36 AM): no yer not
King Nixon (2:58:41 AM): yeah i am. read the nametag
King Nixon (2:58:47 AM): [flashes "GINO" nametag]
HidinRob (2:59:04 AM): gino, shoot him... and banito... sauté him in a nice suzette sauce. mm roast duck
King Nixon (3:01:59 AM): umm, only my brain is duck, bear in mind
HidinRob (3:02:13 AM): hmm
King Nixon (3:02:14 AM): the rest of me will be roast skinny jewish kid
HidinRob (3:02:40 AM): i will refrain from making any tasty jewish remarks
King Nixon (3:05:08 AM): good boy
HidinRob (3:05:29 AM): ccuz we all know they taste horrible
King Nixon (3:08:32 AM): well i dont konw that, but i'll take ur word for it
King Nixon (3:08:43 AM): now buddhists, thats where the real taste treat lies
HidinRob (3:10:51 AM): too fat
HidinRob (3:10:55 AM): very bad for you
HidinRob (3:10:58 AM): loaded with calories
King Nixon (3:11:08 AM): but such yummy calories!
HidinRob (3:12:55 AM): you keep eating those buddhists, and you'll have a heart attack at age 25
HidinRob (3:13:28 AM): plus you smoke like a freight train
King Nixon (3:13:30 AM): hey, if u wanna go your whole life eating twigs and junk, go right ahead. i want REAL food, and if it's a lil less healthy, so be it
HidinRob (3:13:55 AM): mm, i ate a nice hindi cow a few days ago
HidinRob (3:13:59 AM): was good on the gril
HidinRob (3:14:00 AM): l
King Nixon (3:14:23 AM): heh
King Nixon (3:19:49 AM): arright mr cannibal, i'm off to bed
HidinRob (3:20:00 AM): i'm no cannibal
HidinRob (3:20:10 AM): cow = beef
HidinRob (3:20:17 AM): you're the one chowing down on buddhists
King Nixon (3:21:02 AM): and i spose you know jews taste terrible just from guessing, right?
HidinRob (3:21:12 AM): everyone knows that
HidinRob (3:21:17 AM): it's common knowledge
HidinRob (3:22:05 AM): if you breath in a scent... like perfume... and then exhale.. does the scent come out with it?
King Nixon (3:22:25 AM): hmm
King Nixon (3:22:27 AM): i dont know
King Nixon (3:22:57 AM): anywayz, i'm off
King Nixon (3:22:57 AM): gnite
HidinRob (3:23:01 AM): night
HidinRob (3:23:05 AM): duckbrain
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