July 9th, 2001


dan's adventures in unemploymentland, and other exciting places

to quote hailey79:
Work sucks work sucks
I hardly make enough bucks

so the guy at mobil who interviewed me last weeknd had said he'd call me at the end of the week for '2nd interviews'. apparently it's quite a process to get a job there. anyway, he hadn't called yet by this afternoon, so i called him. the position has been filled, he tells me (fucker! what was the 2nd interview gonna be for, then?), but i should call the manager of the station in auburn cuz they need people. for when the station opens in 2 weeks. right.
so i'd also applied at bunnys and the guy pretty much said the job was mine if i wanted it, i said i'd let him know (cuz i was waiting for mobil, ya see). so i call there, position has been filled. bah.
call homevision. they're not hiring.
o, and i'd applied monday to this telemarketing place that pays wicked good. but they're telemarketing, and i'm all about not doing any phone-heavy jobs for awhile, especialy something fun like that.
so talkin to ben later, he tells me that actually homevision probably *is* hiring, and i should call back tomorrow. k. but the pay there is kinda low, and espeically since this process has taken so fukkin long, thereby leaving me much less time over which to work before hte summer ends, i want something that pays well to make up for it. so my current plan is to apply to the auburn mobil. if i get something good there for when it opens, great, i'll be there for a month. either way, in the meantime i guess i'll shlep back to the telemarketing place. assuming they still want people - tho i get the feeling it's hte sort of place that is always hiring.

oh yeah, and laura was talkin about this assembly line place in raymond (walmat, i believe it's called), that pays like 13/hr. but who knows.

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my comp has been all messed up lately. i uninstalled gozilla cuz it was freezing up all the time, and this somehow broke mediaplayer. after attempting to diddle it around, uninstall/reinstall, i am now back to using version (i think) 6, instead of 7.whatever i had. it's actually kinda better, which says a lot for microsuck's skills.
and randomly, the computer will get wiiiiicked sloooooow. like, it's doing all the same stuff, but much slower. even the pointer moves slower as i move the mouse. it's friggin weird. and annoying as all hell too.
i discovered the napster incompletes folder today. tons of random bits of songs to sift thru, yay! of the 70+ in there, i think about 30 were worth keeping. i don't like having parts of songs, but it's better than none of hte song, right?
but anyway, the main point of this entry is that my computer is dumb and gets slow for no reason and it's dumb. so there.
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