July 11th, 2001


i would just like to say

hurrah to ben! for giving me 2 free movie rental coupons. as he said, what's hte point in having a job if you can't rip off the company?
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    i've had that blasted gorillaz song stuck in my head ALL DAY. IT"S DRIVING ME MAD


what shall we do?
what shall we do
with all this useless beauty?
all this useless beauty..
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    elvis costello and the attractions - all this useless beauty

unimportant things about dan

he had a lot to say
he had a lot of nothing to say

it's all amberangel's fault--

1. Who was the last person you yelled at? in anger? i have no idea, it's been a long time
2. Who was the last person you kissed? :[
3. What was the last memorable book you read? wow. hm. i need to read more.
4. When did you last dance? earlier today, in the hallway outside my room, with morcheeba blasting from my stereo
5. What was the last thing you heard from your parents? mom: don't do anythign i woudln't do [she's on a trip to DC!]
dad: don't worry, i'll shut your door for you [i have music playing, whcih apparently he didnt' want to hear]
6. When did you last take a walk in the park? it wasn't in the park so much as directly next to the park, but monday with andrea. we climbed a tree =)
7. When did you last do your ironing? ain't nevah happened
8. When was the last time you smiled all day? i have no idea
9. What is your normal sock color? white. no, wait.. dirty.
10. Did you ever attend private school? not as such
11. Do you like stuffed animals? yuh! they're fun
12. Have you seen the Smashing Pumpkins? not in person. i've seen them on tv...
13. Can you quote Shakespeare? just the quotes that everyone in our culture is born knowing. i used to know more - had to memorize a speech for my 8th grade english class - but they've fled my mind long ago. oh, and "out, damn spot!" just cuz it's funny
14. Do you like playing baseball? not really
15. Are you a neat freak? hahahahaha! hahaha! hahahahaha! no.
16. Do you eat lemons plain? i used to, but no longer. squeezed lemon is good on most everything tho, but lemon juice just isn't hte same and i'm far too lazy to get lemons and squeeze them all the time
17. Have you ever fired a gun? i dont believe so
18. Do you own knee-high boots? naw
19. Are you attached to extreme people? hmm?
20. Do you like to swim in lakes? not particularly
21. What is your favorite gemstone? i dunno. pretty ones. oh, pretty and cheap ones.
22. Has your mind ever gone blank? constantly
23. Are you kind? i do try to be
24. Do you own any Beanie Babies? i won a tie-dyed chicken beanie baby from one of those claw machine games. the tag said ty on it, so i named it ty, only realizing later that was actually the company's name.
25. Would you rather be too hot or too cold? depends
26. Is the glass half full or half empty? the glass is dirty and needs to be washed.
27. Could you kill if your life was threatened? i dont know. attack me and we'll find out

NAME: dan
NICKNAMES: woody, bean
SEX: male
BIRTHDAY: april 8, 1982
WHERE DO YOU LIVE: manchester nh for the now. unh durham for the mostly.
ARE YOU FLIRTY: generally yeah
SHOE SIZE: umm.. 10? i forget
HAIR COLOR: brown. not real exciting.
EYE COLOR: blue and/or green. it's mix-n-match!
PARENTS: what about them? they exist. ray and nancy. yay. they're good more than not.
RIGHTY OR LEFTY: rightarino
HOBBIES: writing, guitar, rockclimbing, fencing, being tired, wasting time, being sad about nothing in particular
YOU GO FOR ADVICE TO: depends what on. anything computerly, john. sociability, mostly ben. money/day-to-day things, my dad. other stuff.. i dunno
YOU'VE DREAMT ABOUT: my dreams make little sense
YOU TELL YOUR DREAMS TO: anyone interested, if they're worth telling
YOU TELL SECRETS TO: mine or someone else's?
CHOCOLATE MILK OR HOT CHOCOLATE: hot chocolate. chocomilk is icky, i decided. (even tho my method of hot chocolate is just taking chocolate milk and heating it. it tastes different hot, i swear)
COKE OR PEPSI: coke, biatch!
ROOT BEER OR DR. PEPPER: gag me with a spoon
SAPPY/ACTION/COMEDY/HORROR: action/comedy/horror
MUD OR JELL-O WRESTLING: jello! then you can eat it when yer done
SHINE OR RAIN: i need variety. <angel's answer
WINTER/SUMMER/FALL/OR SPRING: i adore the seasons, yes. <angel's answer
VANILLA OR CHOCOLATE: chocolate, foole! vanilla is icky
BIKING OR BLADING: i would die
CEREAL OR TOAST: cereal or bagel, depending on mood
ROCK/SKA/PUNK/RAP/R&B/ALT/TECHNO/COUNTRY: they all have their good points. some more good points than others, mind you. and where's metal and jazz and classical and the many many other styles, yo?
NIGHT OR DAY: evening
GLOVES OR MITTENS: gloves. i need the proper use of my fingers
CHEWING GUM OR HARD CANDY: gum. hard candy gets in the way of me swallowing all the saliva it creates
LIGHT ON OR OFF: depends

COLOR: forest green, at the now
NUMBER: i dunno. a billion? sure
BRANDS: the kind on cows
SHOE TYPE: my shoe that got on the stage at the bosstones concert! it crowdsurfed too!
SPORT TO PLAY: fencing and rockclimbing
DRINK: good grapefruit juice

Truth or Dare: truth
WWF or WCW: oldskool wwf
Ocean or Pool: pool, definitely.
Cake or Pie: pie filling! i don't eat the crust, usually. do you want it?
Love or Lust: love AND lust
Silver or Gold: silver
Diamonds or Pearls: eh
Shaken or Stirred: does it make a difference?
Taco or Burrito: taco
Armagedon or Independence Day: and i heard it on the wind / and i saw it in the sky / and i thought it was the end / and i thought it was the 4th of july --soundgarden
Sunset or Sunrise: ya know, i've never actually seen a sunrise. i really should sometime
Crushed or Cubed: crushed. needs to be small enough for me to munch
Showers or Baths: shower

-Misc. Questions-
Do you like to talk on the telephone?: occasionally. not as much as i used to
Do you like to dance?: yuh!
Are you scared to ask someone out?: terribly, yes
Have you ever gone skinny dipping?: no
Have you ever thought you were gonna die? not really
Have you ever been high?: no
Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: theyre on the bed. i don't cuddle them or anything. unless i'm lonely
Have you ever broken/fractured an bone?: nope
Do you wear braces?: not for years now, hurrah
Do you consider yourself a good listener?: yes
Can you Swim?: fairly well
Do you sing in the shower?: all the time
Whats the color of your toothbrush?: i forget
What's your worst injury ever?: hmm.. either pulling that muscle in my back, or when i bashed my knee back at webster and couldn't bend my leg for like a week
Whats the hardest thing about Growing up?: growing up. <angel's answer
Do you believe in love at first sight?: not really
Have you ever been in love?: yeah
What are you wearing right now?: black longish shorts, unh t shirt, white socks, belt, watch, blue boxers
What do you wear to bed?: me.
What's the best feeling in the world?: i dont know
What's the worst feeling in the world?: being absolutely alone
How many kids do you want to have?: i dont know

that's all, folks. nothing to see here.
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