July 18th, 2001



so i know i have a whole journal for my silly writings (verbalkint!), but i like this one, so it'll go in here too. yay.
this started as about one thing and became something else but either way i'll leave the truth in my head and interpretation up to all of you

like so much smoke

so many empty words
best left unsaid
(and do remain so)
to keep us from floating off together like intertwined (streams of) smoke
burning from two lit matches
held between my lips
until they burn into nothing but dirty and charred air

so lie there and pretend
nothing needs to be said because
it's easier than knowing for real

a quick grope behind
what we'll call the school dumpster in the past
when we knew each other then
only it's right there on your couch
and today the day we met
out in the open
but let's lie anyway

we'll say it's romantic

they'll say it's romantic

so lie there and pretend
nothing needs to be stopped because
it's easier than living for real
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so i applied at abacus today. lady took my info, said they'd check my files and gimme a call in a couple days. yay. they were having a job fair today so i guess they need people, i should be golden. i put as the time i'd wanna work 12-6 mon-sat. that's about all i have to report today.

o yeah, check this out: http://www.silverraven.com/fy.htm (from that_girl, who to my knowledge does not hate me)
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