July 22nd, 2001



what an odd dream i had~

i'm going on vacation with my parents, to some undisclosed city. in canada, i believe (no wonder there's trouble). i don't remember my mom ever showing up in the dream, but she was on the trip with us nonetheless. somehow i end up in an alcoholic rehab clinic, i have no idea how i got there, but they've taken my shoes and they won't let me leave. (for some reason, it's imperative i get my shoes back before i leave, or at least *some* pair of shoes). i don't know what to do, i can't get out, poeple are always watching, and whenever someone does escape (which is fairly often) the police catch them almost immediately - like on the street rihgt outside, where they seem to be perennially waiting. i'm in a bit of a catch-22: i know if i can convince them i shouldn't be there they'll let me go - there was a girl there who stayed a night because her house burned down, and she left in hte morning - but whenever i say i shoudln't be there i'm in denial or somesuch, so they won't listen. i'm talking to hte head nurse lady at one point, saying how the whole place is brainwashing everyone and it's horrible: the people are all robots or zombies in the way they act, a bell rings and they all shuffle into the next room, etc. at one point, pretty soon after i've been captured in there, i'm talking to my dad through the plate-glass window (we're both shouting and gesturing to be understood). he wants me to meet him where we first arrived when i get out, which he assumes will be easy. he leaves before i can explain it won't. i wait til they're not looking (the doctors and such) and make a break for it. grab a random pair of shoes lying on the floor and go out hte door, i'm running and running down the streets thru the alleys and there's a lady following me. she was another inmate there, she's coming after me. apparently she's going to bring me back, for some damn reason. i'm outrunning her when i suddenly run into the police who were lying in wait. blast, captured. so they bring me back, but the lady tells me if i want out i should go through the department store attached to the place (why, i dont know). so soon as i get a chance, i go barrelling down all hte stairways (the 1st time htey were big modern staircases, now they're stone and narrow and look like from a castle) and running through passages to the department store, whcih turns out somehow to have me end up not in a store, but in a small apartment, where i seem to have been living. so i stay there for awhile.
next thing i know, i'm going to the mall with J, who like my mom never actually makes an appearance despite being present. first stop is some store specializing in metal shirts. i'd say hot topic, but they weren't playing any loud music and the clerks aren't goth. the store itself looks like home depot or soemthing, they just have tons of shirts from various metal bands (and one section labeled "not metal", which looked to also be selling metal shirts. yay). so anyway, i'm wandering thru the store, and someone who looked to be a crippled bum but my mind identified as geoff (bummer for him) tells me some rhyme which i only vaguely remember now but it struck me as very deep at the time. the gist of it was if you like a knight, be nice to his lady, cuz she'll tell him if you're not. okiedoke.
immediately after realizing the full deep significance of the rhyme, i woke up. badabing!
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o happy day..

i am to be having much love for someone!!

here is the text of an email i recieved last nite:
dan ...

Your LiveJournal payment of $0.00 was received 2001-07-21 21:36:48 and your account has been credited with 2 more months.
Here are some notes associated with this payment:

>>> PayPal Transaction ID: [i dunno if this # does anything, but i'll snip it just in case] Gift from: (anonymous user).

You're now listed on the LiveJournal supporters page:


Also, be aware that to access the fast servers you'll have to go logout and log back in.


LiveJournal.com Team

yay for anonymous user!! i am currently hard at work choosing all my new user pics
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my new user pics! i deleted angry face and cool dan with cat [1], though i did keep superdan! as my default. so anyway, heeeeere we go..

[06:36:14 PM] Melanie: which was cooldan with cat?
[06:39:39 PM] dandanthemonkeyman: the lil cartoon icon that looked vaguely like me sorta, with a cat standing at his feet
[06:39:45 PM] Melanie: oh yeah
[06:39:47 PM] dandanthemonkeyman: wearing an ataris shirt
[06:39:58 PM] Melanie: i recall
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(no subject)

this is the cover of a cd which i don't own and have never heard, but i like the picture. it's "showered with gold" by love's ugly children. yep.

(no subject)

the tesseract. a 4 dimensional cube. this is a stillframe - the animation has the 2 cubes rotating inside each other (shown from 2 angles!) and it's cool. yay for theoretical physics!

it is begun!

Poll #2354 hopefully i'll think of some good questions to ask between now and when i have to write the questions..

what's up?

yeah, yeah. you think i care, don't you?

what's a question?


did you notice this wasn't a question? [check for yes]
did you care? [check for yes]
did you look? [check for yes]
[check for pudding]
[check under your bed for monsters]
[the check is in the mail]

what is the weirdest song you have ever heard? (good weird, not crap weird)

thank you, come again!

i bent my wookie..
let's make out
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