July 23rd, 2001



for those of you who care, i've just discovered by pure chance that the themesong to kids in the hall is actually "having an average weekend" by shadowy men on a shadowy planet. whatta ya know.

in other music news, haha!

i highly suggest reading http://www.bloodhoundgang.com/ as it amuses, especially the biography. it sounds like something porter woudl write.
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    Bloodhound Gang - Hell Yeah

dance party!

whooo! this song is such fun!

(o, did i mention that house party 4 was on usa the other night? that was fun)

ok, now it's time to clean my room! by whcih i mean throw a few books on the floor, get bored, and wander off. i was gonna get a haircut today but realized i don't have enough money for both haircuttage AND gassing my car, whcih it needs since i'm going to hampton tomorrow. ah well. perhaps i can scrounge some up. i wonder how much change i have now..
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    Abba - Dancing Queen (club remix)