August 10th, 2001



ok, i am fucking incompitant. i just spent 2 hours writing an entry, posted it to a community by mistake, went to delete it out of the community, delete the last entry in MY journal by mistake, then go and delete it out of the community, and realize too late that i should have copied it before i deleted it so i could put it in my journal, like i wanted in the 1st place. so now i lost the entry i had written AND the last entry that was in my journal. if anyone remembers what that was, lemme know. in the meantime, i'll go hit my head against the wall some more. it doesn't hurt as much as you might think.

the mood box is too small. what i wanted to say: this is the 1st time today i haven't been sad, cuz now i'm pissed at myself

i want to shoot this entire day in the head.
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arrighty then

thanks to subblimegrrl bein all cool and linking the link i linked, i now know once again what my entry that i deleted was (the one that was already in here, not the one i failed at posting. that is gone. just a lot of thoughts, anyway). so, once again, a wonderful idea for you all
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how long is this transfer going to take?? i want to turn off my computer before it melts..

in general audience news, it's 4:40 in the morning. i thought at least i'd be getting to bed kinda earlyish today, if nuthin else. but nah.

go screw.
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