August 16th, 2001


welcome to the information superhighway

[01:16:56 AM] king nixon: ya know... its been quite awhile since i enjoyed being onlien for any length of time
[01:17:28 AM] stgegodess: oh? are you enjoying it now?
[01:17:35 AM] king nixon: not really
[01:17:40 AM] king nixon: i'm barely talking to anyone
[01:17:44 AM] king nixon: i'm reading lj
[01:17:52 AM] king nixon: skipped back 300, cuz i havent read in like 3 days
[01:17:56 AM] stgegodess: wow
[01:23:06 AM] king nixon: i dunno.. i just get bored on here realy fast sometimes. i feel like i need to be doing other things too, like email or lj or something.. then this becomes somethign to distract me from the other thing i'm doing. and because half the ppl i talk to only talk when i'm giving them somethign to respond to, conversations die out
[01:23:35 AM] stgegodess: yeah...I get that way sometimes too.
[01:27:38 AM] king nixon: i couldnt just not go on anymore cuz theres so many ppl i only talk to online, cuz i'm lame that way. but i wish sometimes i'd never started coming on here in the 1st place
[01:27:45 AM] king nixon: but i'm probly just being stupid. i dont like anything right now
[01:28:13 AM] stgegodess: thats no good! Id say tell everyone you're on a sabbatical and just, you know chill
[01:31:29 AM] king nixon: if i did, it would just be reading and watchign tv and wondering who's online. i've had no social life this summer and i dont know why
[01:31:53 AM] king nixon: i know my friends are out doing things most nights but i can never get ahold of them
[01:32:09 AM] stgegodess: *shrug* maybe once school starts?
[01:32:30 AM] king nixon: maybe
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bling bling

so there's like a million people i told i'd burn cds for when i had cd-r's again. i'm getting paid (!!!) today, so i'll be able to do stuff again. so if i was gonna send you something, speak now or forever not speak now.

and remember, i'm a drug dealer: 1st cd is on the house, after that they're a buck each plus shipping. unless special circumstances apply, or i'm feeling generous.
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