August 24th, 2001


rock the casbah i forget where i found this. but yay! this is from subblimegrrl

so... going to the puddle of mud/deftones/godsmack show tomorrow! w000000000t! and today, 101 announced - oops, some background 1st..
manchester has a newish park, where there have been a number of concerts this year. one was disturbed/mudvayne/linkin park/slipknot, which got a LOT of complaints from people living in the area, for being loud and vulgar. (i wasnt there unfortunately, woulda been if i had $). so anywayz, godsmack is slated to play next month, got a contract and everything, but the chief of police, who needs to sign off on concert safety permits, refuses to sign for godsmack because he thinks it'll be the same - loud, vulgar, etc. now while he's probably right that it will, and people do have the right to not hear the show if they don't want to (which isnt real possible for people living near the park), there's a few problems here:
a) godsmack already has a contract. so if they aren't allowed to play, there's a good chance of a manson-style lawsuit whcih would cost the city but good
b) once a city censors concerts like this, they pretty much never get offered any shows again. so manch would be screwing itself over in the future (which would suck cuz they're almost finished building the big civic center)
and so forth. anywayz tho, long story short, rock101 - local station - is making a big drive to vote out hte people pushing to ban godsmack, saying theyre only representing the old folks and ignoring everyone else. as part of this "rock free or die" campaign, as it's called, tomorrow they are giving to everyone who goes to register to vote a FREE TICKET to the saturday godsmack/deftones/reveille show, (in boston, which has no problem with loud offensive things). bwahahah. if i can go to this show two days in a row (and see reveille again! damn them for not playing the friday show), i would be hte happiest boy ever

i finally broke down today and bought beef jerky. we sell big bags of it at cumbys, and i've been very curious what it tastes like, but didnt think it was worth spending 5 bcusk to find out. turns out it's pretty good, dunno if it was worth the price tho. kinda like if slim jims were actually made of meat.

today was HELLA BUSY, it sucked a lot. there were always tons of people with just me at the register, and long lines formed and people trying to gas their cars outside and stupid old ladies who don't know how to fill out their powerball tickets so it takes me 5 minutes to get it all straightened out for her and everyone else waiting behind her gets all impatient. lyzi came by at 1 point, i asked her to shoot me in the head.
tho on the amuisng side, people are going insane about hte powerball, seeing as the jackpot it currently 280 million dollars. good lord. but yeah, i had 2 people come in and buy about 100 tickets each, and one guy came in and bought 250 tickets. haha, yay for them. (tho 2 of those people said they were buying for an office pool, but still.. and printing out 250 tickets was kindof a pain too. stupid machine won't approve more than 100 at a time, and there's only 5 tickets per slip so it was a good pile).

my hands feel sticky and i have no idea why. OH, this was scary.. at one point, i was scratching my arm and realize suddenly that it feels sticky. i look and there's a ton of blood all on my arm! gah! so i go wash it off, and there was just this tiny little cut, i dunno how i got it. but why was there so much blood from such an ittybitty hole?! eep
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o yeah, forgot to say.. i am scheduled to work saturday, so i left tami (manager) a note asking to get it off. we'll see.. i guess theyre going all to hell over there right now. this lady dawn, who works like 20ish hours a week, was randomly fired today by the district manager cuz she coudlnt come in to work today cuz melissa didnt give her the cab fare she owed her and she coudlnt afford a cab to get there. she's never been written up for so much as being late before, and according to melissa, she can't be fired for this w/o a record of prior warnings about it or something. plus cindy (district manager) never even told tami about this, so the schedule still has dawn on it, and who knows who'll fill in for her. she was sposed to be on for a bunch of my saturday shift tho (i'm scheduled 3:30-11:30 and she's 12-8), so if she's gone, there's almost no chance of me getting it off. grarr. i'd just call in sick but itll be pretty obvious i'm faking since i already asked, plus i dont want to totally fuck them over if they have no one to cover for me. ah well, if i have to work, i'm sure i can find someone else to take the ticket..

ps: the subject is what i'd thought the beginning of deftones "back to school" was. turns out it's "so RUN". ah well. i still like randomly yelling ROCK

why did i just get the sensation of wind blowing past my ears? it seriously felt like i was standing in a strong wind, or someone was blowing directly into my ears (it was sorta in both ears, but mainly the left one). that was damn weird..
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