September 29th, 2001


from rob~

leave it on in the background while you do other things. after about 5 minutes you'll go insane!

(special bonus points if you've done the same thing with the "hello my future girlfriend" kid. i love when he starts looping over himself. i need to find that link)
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i've been listening to that frigging car song thing for hte past 2 hours! ha! it never stops being funny but after awhile it becomes this constant weird background weeee background craziness. and now is the time for radiohead!

this song is the shiznit.
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    Radiohead - Subterranean Homesick Alien (acoustic)

( from billiam)

Back In Black
You're a hard-core guy who knows what he wants and intends to get it. That's why your theme song is "Back in Black." Whether you're pumping iron, shooting pick-up hoops, or rounding up the boys for a night of havoc, AC/DC's metal classic is the perfect tune to get you fired up and blow your speakers out in the process. Your friends might think you're a little reckless sometimes, but you know where the limit is. If you're the loudest one in the room, or spill someone's drink with a fearless air guitar, it's nothing to be ashamed of. What's fun without a little mayhem thrown into the mix? So grab something leather, play drums on your desk, and yell at the moon. You've got some hell to raise and head banging to do. Let "Back in Black" accompany you to the edge and back.

heh, i was a lil suspicious so i retook it and got this:

I Feel Good
Owwww! Nothing gets you going like an all-out, full force, soul-meets-jaguar, call of the wild. You've got natural soul that comes out in the closed-eye, full-grinned, screeches that James Brown made famous in this song. You don't even need music playing to feel the beat. You were probably voted most friendly, best dancer, or most likely to get this party started, because you do feel good. So good, so good, you can even bring a smile to the grouchy DMV lady's face. Like the syncopated beat of your theme song, you add just the right punch to any conversation. Your friends love the up-beat you bring to their down-beat, and your dates are never short of sugar and spice. Whether you are in the middle of an important meeting or stuck in traffic, the King of Soul's "I Feel Good" takes you through the toll bridge and towards the open road to your next event. Owwww!

i think i'll go with ac/dc after all. i'm hardcore! =)
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(no subject)

this song is all pretty. it's live acapela (sp) with vocal harmonies and whatnot. good for phish.
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now i can go to bed

tomorrow i do homework! i bet i have a ton for fiction cuz of last week being retarded. did i ever talk about that in here, i forget? there's a big post on the way, whenever ig et around to writing it. i'm supposedly going to rocky horror tomorrow night with laura and nastassia, that should be interesting. it is their job to find me a good outfit for the occasion, cuz i certainly dont have anything appropriate (nor do i exactly know what WOULD be), hopefully it's not too terrifying :o

goodnight moon
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