October 8th, 2001



i return, and stuff!

here is a lovely spam i got:

From: Rudgerus Vlasveld [mailto:rudgerus.vlasveld@12move.nl]
Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2001 2:54 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: by certain commands to

Command succeeded. A script can make
decisions based upon the value of
this variable.

$FAILURE Boolean This variable is set by certain
commands to indicate
whether or not the command failed.

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(no subject)

"Hey, every boy band has fans that don't go for the designated cute one." quoth renjenri.

this just goes to prove that if you read anything enough times it will sound deep.
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i was gone all weekend, and there are only 100ish new posts! what manner of slackery is this?

i am torn between being psyched taht i'm not as horribly behind as i was expecting, and disapointed that not a lot cool happened in my friends' worlds

i wish i'd gotten THIS song as my theme song, if only for the WWWOOOOOOOAAAAHHHHHs. i do so very love these WWWOOOOOOOAAAAHHHHHs.
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and now!


i'll have some sort of trip wrap-up post in teh near future, hopefully, but i'll say now that it gave me a newfound desire for sleep: I HAD A LUCID DREAM! friday night, i had one, it was frigging WEIRD. tons of layers and stuff. i'll talk more about that too. i couldn't get it to work last night, but i have high hopes for future wackiness. ONWARD TO BED GOES DAN!

in the ghettttoooooo......
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o, one last bit: i checked, cuz i'm sure you're all damn interested (well i am, so hellllll with y'all if you're not), and i don't have horrible amounts of fiction homework! hell yeah! so tomorrow won't even suck too drastically! tho it does assume that i'm continually coming up with new story ideas. while it is technically true that i do this, the frequency wherein i come up wiht a story idea i could USE IN THAT CLASS is drastically few. bother. i get the feeling this is gonna be one of those "o god it's the end of the year i have 600 thigns due for this class tomorrow oh fuck oh fuck" classes. but hey, at least tomorrow won't suck. booyah!
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