October 17th, 2001


easily amused and music theory

exodus 6:12 -- "...how then shall Pharaoh hear me, who am of uncircumcised lips?"

ah those wacky jews and their lip circumcisions.

update: i 1st read that as pharoah being uncircimcised, but turns out it's referring to moses. ha, the holiest guy ever and he wasnt even circumcised. that's the spirit!

in other news, i avoided doing work for an hour or so by going thru my playlist and deleting all the songs that i also had on cd, so as to free up some harddrive space which i'm running out of. i got about 150mb from doing this. yay.

ya know, i remember when i could listen to the same cd for hours at a time. mp3s have spoiled me, now i put in a cd and want to switch another one in after like 3 songs. damn attention span killers! even radiohead can't hold me right now, i'm in a weird music mood. maybe some chill techno will do the trick

hey, am i the only one who thinks butthole surfers "shame of life" is the coolest damn song ever?

upon further consideration, nuts to techno, i'm goin with my punk mix
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    Radiohead - Paranoid Android / kicked in the head - the witness

pour vous

don't say that you're not good enough
don't say that you can't do it
cuz we're your friends
we've got your back
and we will see you through it
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    goonies - friends

(no subject)

the sky just went, in quick succession, from light gray to dark gray to bright blue. what the hell's goin on out there? adn it looks mighty windy too.

o lord am i tired
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    Ben Harper-Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye cover)