October 23rd, 2001


very insightful

XxShaggxX (1:57:28 AM): nah, sluts are overrated
King Nixon (1:58:17 AM): yeah.. but, in theory, they rule
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the best (albeit very generalized) definition of art i've heard states that if it's not connected with survival or reproduction (the instinctual parts of life) then it's art. therefore, going to work every day is not art (it's survival.) but wearing a pink hat to work every day is. --squimpy8
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stop being distracted when you have homework to do and class in ten mi--- ooh, shiny things!..

what is a good price for an approx 21x24 inch poster? i wanna buy some henri rousseau prints, but they all seem small or pricey.
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King Nixon (10:34:15 PM): hmm.. do you remember hearin about me n lauri's friend julia, from a couple yrs ago?
stgegodess (10:34:41 PM): no...
King Nixon (10:34:55 PM): ah
stgegodess (10:35:00 PM): y?
King Nixon (10:35:26 PM): well this wont be so exciting then.. but we were veryvery good friends but kinda... ran out of thigns to say. i havent even thought of her in a long time. she just IMed me to say she's applyin to unh
stgegodess (10:35:37 PM): yay!
King Nixon (10:41:27 PM): thats the thing tho... im' not sure it's a yay. i mean, there's a reason we stopped hanging out. it just got boring..
stgegodess (10:43:58 PM): well its been a while tho
King Nixon (10:45:23 PM): true
King Nixon (10:46:10 PM): she seemed more.. restrained
King Nixon (10:46:17 PM): tonite, i mean
stgegodess (10:46:22 PM): ?
King Nixon (10:46:58 PM): she always used to sound hyper excited online.. she was kinda low key
stgegodess (10:47:13 PM): maybe shes changed
King Nixon (10:47:55 PM): maybe. hmm
King Nixon (10:48:59 PM): well she's back on my buddylist.. we shall see.... i'd like us to be friends again
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