November 1st, 2001


yago is the interviewer, the rest is weezer

Yago: Once and for all, what's with the emo thing? Why does everybody tag you guys as an emo band ...

Wilson: I don't know, man. You tell me. I thought Fugazi was emo.

Bell: Well, first there was Grover. And he had a sidekick, and then all of a sudden this emo character has his own movie.

Wilson: I don't know how we got tied into it, but, man. I haven't seen any checks.

Bell: I haven't heard any of those bands.

Yago: Would you consider yourself emo?

Welsh: I thought those were just rock bands.

Bell: I think we're more Elmo.

Welsh: Elmo? Elmo rock. I think we're just a rock band.

Yago: What would you say is different about touring this time?

Bell: I say we're all different. We listen to each other more. And the band's just a stronger rock and roll band, man.

Wilson: I agree with that.

Cuomo: I don't remember what it was like. I think I drank too much before. It's all just a blur.

Bell: [We're] all straight-edge now.

Wilson: Yeah, we're not emo. We're straight-edge.
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apparently cds do that lil skipping-the-last-couple-seconds-of-each-track thing if i've altered the info winamp keeps in any way (artist / cd name / track titles). it just having info doesnt do anything tho, if for example it gets it off cddb, but if (as is often the case) the info is wrong, then when i change it it starts goofing. that's stupid..

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alien chest burst

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k... so my regular method of learning physics is by goin thru the homeworks with the solution key after he posts it, and seeing exactly how all the stuff works. the network went down last, taking with it the physics site (but not hte homework site). so i ended up doing it w/o the charts and hints and notes he usually posts on teh site, and it was a big rush job and craptacular. so anyway, he decided today that since hte site was down he's gonna give us a 2 day extension on hte homework. this WOUDL be very nice except a) i alreayd used up my submissions last night so i can't make use of it now and b) he's not posting the solutions which takes away my primary method of learning for the exam today. [hate hate hate]
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that dead fly has been stuck to the bathroom door for at least a month now. that's really nasty. someone should scrape it off or something. sure as hell not me tho. ew
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he is redeemed!

i emailed my teacher earlier about mailing me the homework solution so i could use it for studying, and he just sent it. yay for learning
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i think my aim away message says it all:

i'm covered in sweat and pizza! it was a great show! the mics didnt work! yayyyy
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addendum to previous mood: it was actually laundry day about 4 days ago, but i havent gotten around to it yet. i also havent gotten around to buying shampoo as mine ran out a few days ago. my hair is extra gross right now, it's funny