November 13th, 2001


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exciting news: inigo's sword from princess bride is the same sword top dollar uses in the crow to kill gideon
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a new low, and a philosophical question

in signing my name today, i wrote my last name as "Wi____". i've finished my name off w/ a wavy line before, but it was always kinda bumpy where letters were sposed to be at least, so it looked like i just did a crapass job of it. this was the 2 letters and a mostly straight line (it was a lil wavy, but not enough dangit). where did my name go?

and now hte question: say there was some drink that gave you instant painless death 20 seconds after drinking it. how good would it have to taste for you to drink?
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Deep Thoughts... by Jack HandeyKevin L. Schwartz

Inside every adult, there is an inner child saying, "Holy fucking Christ, I can't wait until I'm old enough to drink!"

One fine day in Galilee...
JESUS: Love thine enemies
FOLLOWER: People like me. I have no enemies.
JESUS: Go ye forth and make enemies.
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my new favorite vocal harmony in a rock song, replacing kith's "the witness" prechorus, is the chorus of this song.

heyyyyyyyyyyy my higher power!

(tho the beginning/end of brian may "driven by you" is damn cool, but it's too fiddled with)
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