December 1st, 2001



i suddenly remembered, lying in bed last night, a ton of stuff i have due this week that i'd forgotten about. o bother..
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wow i suck ass at assassins. i didn't even last a day! stupid vince >:o

on the plus side, i cleaned my desk today! i found $1.57 in change! and i just threw out my lab book, which was terribly satisfying
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so around 12:30 today i'm entoweled, and head across teh hall to the bathroom to take a shower, and who should be walking down teh hall but shannah [1], who had presumably come to visit everyone. being about to shower, i wasn't exactly in visitor mode, but she said she'd be back later. so i say hooray and head into the bathroom. anywayz, i dunno when she was planning on coming back, but soon enough will be dinner than the game [2], so hopefully she shows up while i'm actually here. i miss the gal
there's going to be another housing lottery protest this year. i guess we'll find out more about that sunday at the dorm meeting, tho i did learn today that apparently art hates larissa now (?) so okay. i dunno whats up, dan is very out of the loop around here. no wait, everywhere. no loop for me.
speaking of larissa.. andy asked last night if i could give him and her a ride to teh show tomorrow if i was going. and it's a good thing he did cuz i'd totally forgotten about it. reach the sky, kith, and lazardos are playing club euphoria! w00t!
it's definitely time to get some new userpics up in this piece

[1] who lived in the room next door last year, but moved to nyc this year. she rules
[2] o, i never mentioned... last night i finally got around to going to a unh hockey game. only took me a year and a half. it ruled! we won 5-4 in overtime. i dint know how much i'd enjoy it, being the wicked sports-y guy that i am, but you totally get into it. whee! and there's another tonite, so more whee
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