December 3rd, 2001


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i feel something you don't, i feel something you don't
--lazardos, just being friends is just being retarded

i like how chef boyardee's definition of lasagna is little noodles in meat sauce. it's quite the ghetto presentation

girls really need to stop being cute
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first blood is a friggin crazy movie. i dont know what to make of it

i was gonna watch the rest of green mile tonite and get my linguistics crap done, but will is watching some shakespeare play. blarg
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ya know...

i hope calc II is better than the calc/physics classes so far, cuz i don't want a 3rd class that i always skip. not that i mind hte extra sleep, but i feel stupid having a class i never go to, not to mention it's a waste of my parents' money. tho i think theyre paying more for me to get the grade adn the degree than for me to have any great understanding of hte physics of elastic collisions and torque
o yeah, i actually learned something in my physics recitation last week! it was seriously exciting, cuz i'd given up on that ever being useful and i finally figured out how to do torque right (for the 2nd time. i seriously forgot everything i learned in my hs class, whcih is a shame cuz now i can't do this crap. i wish i'd taken the AP when i had the chance. there are a lot of APs i shouldve taken, actually, i probly coulda skipped a buncha useless classes. i'm still angry at myself for that). so now i understand something about circular forces. i still don't know what the 4 different kinds of acceleration are, cuz the book only explains 2 of them and just sorta assumes you'll know what hte other 2 are (plus all 4 seem to be used interchangeably sometimes which makes it drastically more confusing), and god knows mobius' lecture notes from the class site aren't any help.
getting back to my original point.. since this will be another lecture class and far as i know we're using the same book from calc I, the deciding factor will be if i actually learn anything in class or not. either most teachers are really bad or i'm just a horrible student, but a lot of people can't teach to me at all. this may also have something to do with why i can never properly explain things to anyone else
judging from the ad currently displayed on my aim buddylist, whoopi goldberg is playing santa claus in a tnt movie. how frightening
don't get me wrong: some teachers are friggin awesome. just, most of them arent. meredith [my kickass freshman comp teacher] gave me a list a couple weeks ago of good/bad englihs teachers she knows about, so hopefully i can avoid having more classes like my last two writing classes, whcih were less than stellar. speaking of which, i had been planning to show up at form and theory next semester and see if i coudlnt squeeze in, but i realized that my current schedule woudlnt let me do that anyway. tho i could always drop a class if neccesary. i forget what conflicts, i'll have to check on that.
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don't let me do online things tomorrow!! i have too much work! beat me up if you see me!
i think i'm gonna have to skip fencing again. i'll see tho
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all male revue

tiiznit (1:36:44 PM): i finished my creative writing story, but i have to forge two months of journal entries in the next 6 hours. :-)
King Nixon (1:37:02 PM): hee, good deal
tiiznit (1:37:12 PM): do you think it's possible?
King Nixon (1:37:15 PM): i have a week to forge my journal!
King Nixon (1:37:17 PM): sure
tiiznit (1:37:26 PM): damn you!
tiiznit (1:37:33 PM): that was me, a week ago! when i was doing nothing!
King Nixon (1:37:46 PM): see, you shoulda planned ahead like me. now i have an extra week to slack until i have 6 hrs left to do it
King Nixon (1:37:48 PM): then i will start
tiiznit (1:37:55 PM): hm
tiiznit (1:38:02 PM): yes, it is my fault your deadline is later than mine
tiiznit (1:38:08 PM): but at least i'm off school tuesday. :D
King Nixon (1:38:22 PM): at least i'm sexy
tiiznit (1:38:26 PM): no you're not.
tiiznit (1:38:29 PM): you're jewish
tiiznit (1:38:34 PM): i'm sexy.
King Nixon (1:38:34 PM): oh yeah. damn
King Nixon (1:38:40 PM): no you're not! youre canadian
tiiznit (1:38:50 PM): canadian=sexy
tiiznit (1:38:55 PM): unless you're from the east
King Nixon (1:38:56 PM): in bizarro world
King Nixon (1:39:03 PM): which i am, therefore youre not sexy
tiiznit (1:39:08 PM): you and i both live in bizarro world
tiiznit (1:39:13 PM): eastern canada, you fool
King Nixon (1:39:14 PM): (i am -> in east, not in bizarro world)
tiiznit (1:39:22 PM): and being in the east, you would be UNsexy
King Nixon (1:39:27 PM): bizarre, but not bizarro
King Nixon (1:39:34 PM): nope, doesnt work that way
tiiznit (1:39:41 PM): does too.
King Nixon (1:39:45 PM): anywayz, i'm off.. mmm take-home linguistics quiz!
tiiznit (1:39:48 PM): and my dick is bigger
tiiznit (1:39:53 PM): mmm! i love those
tiiznit (1:39:56 PM): byebye
King Nixon (1:39:57 PM): cuz youre metric
King Nixon (1:40:02 PM): bye
tiiznit (1:40:07 PM): yes, meaning i'm measured in metres
tiiznit (1:41:17 PM): ARE NOT!
Auto response from King Nixon (1:41:17 PM): sexier than john
tiiznit (1:41:29 PM): whore!
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alien chest burst

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i'm just going to run on teh assumption that someone else is using julie's SN and being a bitch to everyone, for fun..

update: i see someone else has now warned her up to 35%

further update: it was jess
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I am 40% SKA.

I know the scene, I've heard the bands, and I am burned out. Well, these things happen. I will now go ahead and go through the same thing with Punk and Emo.

Take the SKA Test at!

why am i burned out? i'm no less ska than i've ever been
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