December 4th, 2001



so i'm revising my fiction story. it's gone from 3 pages to 7 and i'm bout halfway done. problem is, i have no idea what to do with the end now. the way i had it doesnt work anymore, and fuck if i know what to do to it. eh. i think it doesnt have to be finished til next week anyway. course, i could be wrong, but i wont find out for an hour. o yeah, and after class i have an hour to learn physics for hte test. noooo problem. ha ha. nope. maybe we'll get out of class early, thatd be nice.. i dont really know what we're doin in class today

fuckin a. i cant wait til this semester is over
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okay that ruled... i'm wearing the viking pirate hat i made at heron's origami social months ago, in teh hopes of being inspired to not write crappy (it isnt working tho). megan walks past my room, presumably going to see andrea. she stops in the doorway, all fidgity and says "i, um, really like your.. cap, of sorts." it was terribly cute
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King Nixon (11:38:41 PM): i had a physics test today.. my answers for the last 2 problems were "AHH!" and "AHHH!!"
tiiznit (11:39:05 PM): heh
tiiznit (11:39:15 PM): not "o no!"
tiiznit (11:39:16 PM): ?
King Nixon (11:39:50 PM): fraid not
King Nixon (11:39:56 PM): mindless screaming seemed more appropriate
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