December 18th, 2001

zombie penguin

ah ha

remember that nasty cough i had for awhile last month? the one that was driving me insane adn it finally finally went away? yeah, i have that again.

and mel reminded me how i'd said in august i'd go visit her for spring break. august being many moons ago and me being me, i had completely forgotten about this and subsequently made plans to visit laur and dennis for spring break. sorry you two, mel wins on both timeliness and having-never-met-in-personness.
now i feel like a jerk tho :-/

now i'm gonna go shower off fencing sweat and pancake topping stickiness [the dining halls for no particular reason had pancake night tonite, 10-midnight. yum! they had raspberry sauce topping stuff, even more yum! dan enjoys raspberries], and hopefully do my bible takehome final which i was supposed to do earlier today but never did (actually, was supposed to do this weekend but never did)
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there will be no rave this year, apparently. that sucks a whole lot

(this isnt news, but i dont think i ever mentioned it in here, and i was just lookin at the pics)
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