December 23rd, 2001


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my credit card is still fucked. i'm just cancelling the stupid thing, i don't want to deal with these people.

since i didnt bring my computer home w/ me for break, i emailed myself a buncha stuff i'd want - phone numbers, dates i had to keep track of, etc. none of those emails have arrived. so either the internet hatefully swallowed them or i sent them to someone else in a bout of stupidity. if any of you get a buncha odd emails from me, can you fwd them over?

moulin rouge holds up to repeat viewing.

more to come later, it's food time

i wonder what the icon for this mood will be. probly perky. i use 'awake' as meaning i'm not asleep but just barely, we'll see
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ooh, i'm hearting my playlist right now. it's on an oldskool chli peppers kick and just went from "higher ground" to this. bien!

you know, i'm convinced deep down that most people don't like me very much
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you people on my friendlist have averaged about 43 posts per day over the past 2 weeks. no wonder i'm so far behind
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