December 31st, 2001



once there once was a boy who was very happy most of the time. his life was almost completely complete. he could sense, however, that there were two things that were missing from his life, but he didn't know what they were.
one day, his family took him to an italian restaurant. the boy had never had italian food before, and he was mesmerized by the exotic-sounding names of the dishes. he asked about the lasagna and it sounded delicious, so he ordered it. he ate the lasagna, and it was delicious. the boy knew that one of the things that were missing from his life was no longer missing.

if only it were that simple
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well shit

k, so grades..

linguistics: B+
this seems fair

fiction writing: C+
i think i deserved at least a B. she knows i was putting effort into the class and i think i came up with a good final story. just cuz she has crappy taste in plots

physics: C-
probably fair

bible as lit: IX
why is my grade roman numeral 9? what does this mean? if he didnt get my final i'm gonna be pissed, it cost me 13 bucks expressmailing that stupid thing out to him

so all in all, not a banner semester. blah

update: i checked the postoffice site. he did get my final on time. so i dunno what the hell that is
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sleeping forever

wait, no, i have to get up for work tomorrow at 1. tami called today when i was at work[1] to say she's changing hte schedule and i hafta work tomororw instead of tuesday. so now i'm dicked out of gettin the newyears holiday pay, plus on the off chance there was going to be a party that nite after all i'll be busy. which is probly good cuz i woudlnt have found out about it til the next day anyway and i'd just be depressed no one bothered to tell me, like usual.
she wanted me to work thursday too instead of friday, but i have my eye appt thursday. ying.

i got an acoustic guitar today. rock out

[1] worked 3-11, chris was there til 8. i'd forgotten how fun he is. he's one of those people who are much smarter than i expect them to be. like tico, only he isnt purposely an asshole for his own amusement. not to me at least, i've heard stories. but my rule for dealing with people is, barring extreme circumstances, if i'm not involved i'm neutral. so it's ok.

we had a Very Ridiculous Moment. this lady buys a 2 liter diet pepsi bottle and walks outside. a moment later she comes back in, says the bottle had a hole in it and was leaking everywhere so she left it outside and is going to get another one. there is not a drop inside from it leaking so i assume she dropped it and didnt want to admit it. anyway i go outside to inspect,, and there it was SPURTING diet pepsi in a lovely spritzy fountain out a small hole in the side of hte bottle. she comes out and i ask, so it just started leaking suddenly as you walked across the parking lot. she glares at me, new bottle in hand, and says yes it did.
if she'd come in, said she dropped it and it was shooting all over the place, i woulda let her take anotehr one. i just find it funny she coudlnt admit it. i mean, yeah if i did it i'd feel like a jackass. but i woudlnt pretend it'd been defective when i bought it to weasel another one. and she didnt look like she coudlnt afford the dollar
anyway tho, so when i went out ot inspect the bottle.. after she walks off i shake it a bit and enjoy the spray. i go back in to let chris in on the fun, and find him kneeling on the floor in near hysterical laughter, with things all over the floor around him. he'd tried to vault over the counter to come look, and his wallet chain caught on some stuff and all the displays on the counter went flying everywhere. so of course i start cracking up too. eventually we get it cleaned up. he informed all the customers that came in that hte mess was caused by either an unruly customer or "those damn indoor tornados". hmm
he brought the pepsi bottle inside to the bathroom sink. when we got bored we'd go shake it and watch it fwoosh

i was informed today that a truck could come plowing thru all the gas pumps and there woudlnt be much danger of fire or explosion cuz htey have automatic shutoff thingys in case of just such happenings as those, and that it is perfectly legal to walk down the street with a shotgun in each hand if you have permits for them. you can get a permit for a shotgun at 18, but you have to be 21 for a handgun. cuz theyre mroe dangerous and all....
o, and the fda approved research on ecstasy (all this comes from chris btw) a couple weeks ago, and it has so far been found that if you use it less than 20 or so times in yoru life, there are no permanent effects
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i planned to go to bed tonite, at the latest, an hour and a half ago.

and i never had the food i was gonna have tonite

and i never watched those tapes i was gonna watch tonite

and outside home and work, the only person i've seen since school got out is lauri (and her family, and incidentals). i miss having friends

no wait, jeff showed up at work tonite, buying money orders,right when my shift got out. he was there a wholeminute or so before he had to go home and sleep, or something. and i think sputnik came in the other day. we said hi's and how-are-you's (which i exchange with a fair number of customers) and she gave me a we-are-freinds smile, but that was all. i was being slow and my brain was stuck on "hey, she looks sorta familiar" until she was already gone. i have no way to contact her other than online, where she never is anymore. i hope she comes back to cumbys when i'm workin sometime, i'd like to see her. havent in forever

i never mentioned chantillys here, did i? maybe i'll do that, before i forget

i hope whoever decided i was fit to funrun my own life has been fired
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