January 3rd, 2002


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it's funny how with some people, you dont talk to them for a month and it's all awkward and neither of you have much to say at 1st, adn with some people it doesnt matter at all.

cube is a damn weird movie. the characters got progressively more halfassed, whcih dragged it all down, but it's still worth seeing if you like movies which have the primary purpose of being thought-provoking and cool, over being good or emotionally not-really-irritating. the intro is beautiful

laur leaves friday, on which day i'm working, so tomororw we have her leaving again party. i wonder if she actaully intended to make cake

i know i had more to say when i started... some of it was actually worth saying too. thats what i get for starting with the general pointlessness
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i am unbelievely pissed. i had my eye exam today. now what i had been told by my insurance is that i'd have a 10$ co-pay for said exam, and if i decided i wanted contacts i'd have to figure out how much that costs based on the prescription i get, etc. all i said to them - eye place them - is that i wanted an appt adn i was interested in contacts but wanted informtaion. so i go in, fill in some paperwork, and go into the doctor. he's an ass in general. at one point he says something about i have condition [insert name] which is inflamed eyelids. he turns to write something in his file, i ask about what that means, and he says, wiht an infinite lack of patience, "we can do this two ways: we can have a question and answer session, or i can just tell you all about it myself". and then he told me abotu it, and i seethed. he decides to give me an eye exam, i wasnt really sure why but went along with it. i was paying my 10 bucks so why not. i figured he just wanted to check the numbers himself. anyway, he does all that, rather bruskly, and while i'm waiting for my eyes to dilate im' talking to a receptionist about the charges depending on what i wanted to do with the different types of contacts. long story short, i'm probably not getting contacts, it's too much expense and hassle and my insurance blows. but what i also discovered in this conversation is that i was being charged 50$ for the exam because the co-pay didnt cover the contact exam, only teh basic exam. i'd never been told this before, it had never been mentioned, i'd never asked for a contact exam, i just wanted to talk to him about it and decide if i wanted to bother in hte 1st place. if i'd been thinking, i wouldve said i wasnt paying it right then, but i didnt so i gave them 30$ cuz thats all i had on me and said i'd pay it in a week. so my plan now is to call, say i dont want contacts, and i want my twenty bucks back.

update: i dont know if it's clear from that, cuz i'm too lazy to re-read what i wrote. but it's not hte 50 bucks that pisses me off, i wasnt this upset at all the stupid companys charging my credit card for twice that. i was pissed because they did that PLUS just being condescending assholes in general. even if i hadnt been charged for anything, i woudlnt wanna go back there
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