January 12th, 2002


i am a rocker. i rock out.

so tonite didnt go quite as expected. right when i'm about to leave, andrea calls from joanne's house. apparently they need a ride to teh show. okie. so i get to joanne's st and realize i cant remember which house is hers. doh. so after driving downt eh street very slowly and not seeing anything familiar, i call her on da cell and find out which is her house. now she had directiosn to drifters, but since i was goin to laura's house we folowed the drirections laura gave me.
on the highway, i realize i'm gonna be late so i call laura, and she says that actually her n nastassia are gonna pass on teh show cuz she's sick. so now we're goin straight to drifters. so it's back to joanne's directions, but those were assumign we'd gone on a different highway, so laura gives us directisons to maine st, cuz we can get there from there. her directions get us on a backroad heading into a housing complex. so i call her again and she realizes she said to go the wrong way. so we go back, the right way, and end up once again lost. this time we go into a conveneince store and ask the girl there for directiosn. turns out we ewre about a HALF HOUR AWAY. yay. but eventually we got there, and in the great concert tradition, the show had not started yet when we arrived a half hour late.
while there were plenty of random poeple there (claire and baker, for example), the two people who stand out as not being at all expected to be there were: nichole and sam chainey. far as i know, no one's seen nichole for the past few months or so, so that was very cool. she is great. and sam,for those of you who havent known me for like 5 years, is my friend J's ex, who went to central til she dropped out. we were freinds for awhile, and lost touch. last i knew of her, she'd randomly IMed J one day from her new screenname, which was, if i remember correctly, WhitePower7. hm. but apparnetly she has traded that in for uglyduck or soemthing. so all is well. it was weird i was just walkin around looking for someone to talk to, and she appears out of nowhere with OMIGOD HI!! seeing as i ahvent seen her in years, it took me a minute to figure out who she was (and it didnt help that she used to have a stud in the middle of her bottom lip and now instead has one on the left upper). but yeah. so we talk for like.. a minute, and she says "ok i have to go over there now", points to the back of the room, and walks away. hmm?
the 1st three bands (two i never learned hte names of, and 5 bucks!) were passable. drexel and lazardos (i love that theyre the headliners now. i remember when they opened for 5 bucks! and drexel just last year [last school year, that is. now that i think about it, it was actually 2 real years ago]) rocked. dan was a dancing fool tonight, it was so much fun! i was tired as all hell by the end. they finished with "shallow" (actualy they finished with one of their hardcore songs [as jeff put it "for all those of you who've heard us tonite and think we're pop-punk, now we're gonna be pop-korn!"] but that doenst count) and i spent half of it just stumbling around to the beat. but by the end i was rockin again. even kith shows dont usually tire me out that much. it was just a damn good time
and on that note, i go to bed. goodnight all
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