January 15th, 2002


yo, adrian!

not for the doing!!

so THAT's waht stuff looks like. i'd forgotten. i got my new glasses today, you see, and am therefore no longer seeing the world as fuzziness. tho these glasses, being smaller, have much less peripheral vision than i'm used to. la!
actually the glasses came in yesterday, but they called while i was watching rocky on tv and i didnt have time after the movie to get them before work, so it had to wait til today.
that was the 1st time i've seen rocky. it was kinda weird. the end seems excessively random, i think. why does she suddenly decide to run up and tell him that right then? there's no particular reason for it. and he seems to be brain damaged at that point, and mumbling even more than he had been. for a 2 1/2 hr movie, the end is very rushed. suddenly, in the middle of everything finishing up, the credits role. eh?

mel, your site isnt working!

i had the urge last nite to read my old comic books. i have a biggish collection that i havent looked at in ages. so i was reading thru them, and theyre not very good. i miss appreciating those.. damn maturity. i spose i'll just sell em. ebay, maybe? i dont know what theyre worth, if anything
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o yeah

heh, well my lyrics of the day lasted a whole day before i forgot to do it. yay! anyway, today's:

too rich or too poor
she's wanted me less
and i've wanted her more
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archeological finds

in digging out my comics, i found some random stuff that'd somehow gotten wedged in with them... papers with various thigns written on them, an old consumer reports, green day "insomniac", and my kirlian photograph[1]! yay!

[1] kirlian photography is supposedly a method of photographing a person's aura. it's me with a smudge of fuzzy colors around me and a not-terribly-accurate explanation of what the colors mean
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Take the Which Radiohead Album are you? Quiz.

Although you may sound like a horrible affliction, you're actually one of the greatest albums of all time. EVERYONE loves you. You have an uncomplicated, charming, and youthful personality, but upon close investigation, there is much to your character. You know most everything, and you're likely to have done well on the SAT's. You perceive the world around you very well, and your thoughts have only been mildly corrupted by modern-day society. Still, there's a hidden side to you that you rarely reveal.

i think this is hte 1st time i've taken quotes from an online quiz, but these amuse me..

[not neccesarily the answers i picked, keep in mind]

Which sound best describes you?
The saddest little robot

What is your favorite pickup line?
Let's have a backwards race. [ok, i just don't get this one. explain?]
I was hoping you'd come home with me tonight despite my crippling self-pity.

Which angry response to the question "Pepsi or Coke?" suits you best?

What is your favorite meal?

Which animal is most like you?
I'm not an animal. I'm a MACHINE.
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the last one got answered already, so here's anotehr lyric thing

son, if the sun don't shine
i'll try like hell to make light from the dark
son, if the sun don't shine
i'll try like hell to make light from the dark for you
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