January 16th, 2002


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nothing interesting whatsoever happened today. seriously. i went to work. i read newsweek. i came home. blah.
back to school in 5 days, anyway

placeholder until i remember what i was going to say here

no one's gotten my last lyric thing! i know i've discussed this band w/ at least two of you, and this is their only song i've heard on the radio. so here is an easier clue, from teh same song:

raise your guard again
(they don't give a damn)

and just cuz, here's 3 more for today:

pour my life into a paper cup
the ashtray's full and i'm spilling my guts

i forget what eight is for

this ain't no motherfuckin' stickup

points [being too lazy to make it complicated like rob~'s, i'm going w/ one point each for song and band name]:

scumm_boy: 2
madeleine: 1
polyesterday: 1

dan ignores the laws of probability

so i'm gonna start playing wincash, til it dies. it's one of nh's state lottos, and they're stopping it feb 26 cuz they realized it has the highest odds of winning of any state lotto in the country (not that the odds are good, mind you, but theyre the best). what it is, simply, is you pick 6 numbers out of 36. 3 right is a buck, 4 is 20, 5 is 500, and 6 is the jackpot, which is currently like 3 million. if no one wins the jackpot on the last drawing, it trickles down to all the smaller winners.
there's 2 drawings a week. so i figure i'll be out like 10 bucks, and maybe win something. la!
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