January 24th, 2002


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there is a pen on my desk. a fancyish bic pen with an odd cap. i've never seen it before in my life. why is it on my desk?
in other news, 1st fencign practice of the semester was tonite. it was good. i'm so very out of practice, it was sad. i did footwork over break a grand total of twice. but even so, i did tolerably, i just hafta get back into it and i'll be set. tho my en garde is all sorts of fucked up, i hope andy shows up so he can fix it for me. and michelle is back! yay! but val, becca, sam, and vanessa will not be coming much this semester apparently, whcih is a shame
heron downloaded 25 versions of "tainted love" today. all covers. all by different groups. it's very exciting
aside from calc, my classes all look really neat! apparently my victorian lit class is actually victorian love poetry. so yeah. and i know tons of people in the class, which rules
assuming i get in, it looks like i'll be replacing calc with western civ, which fulfills the history req. yay! nastassia's got hte class, it's tues/thurs 5-6:30. which would mean not only do i have no classes before 1pm, i have no classes friday at all. ying!

there is soemthign seriously wrong with my computer. or microsoft. yes, i choose to blame them. so i get that 'there are critical updates for you to get' notice thingy, go to dl them, and it's going superduperslow. this was last night. i tried it twice, and it was dragging both times. so i'm doin it again now, adn it's still real slow but i just waited it out. now it's installing. anyway tho, it's messing things up. i can't click any links in outlook, i can't use tab in ie, it keeps minimizing lj as i type this. grr. it all better work when this thing is done or i'll beat it up

current score:
johnbot: 6
scumm_boy: 2
feste: 2
beier_d: 2
bertho: 2
madeleine: 1
polyesterday: 1
danoot: 1

and 2 for today:
i am the one hiding under your stairs
fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair

he acted so friendly that i had to take the ride
but for some reason he resembled that guy
wanted for a robbery and beatin on his kids
"you remind me of myself, son" he chuckled with a grin
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F this S in the A

this is unusual... [from punkybgrrl]

i'm bored. i want to play guitar but i dont like playign quiet and i dont wanna wake people up (most likely i woudlnt anyway, but if i did i'd feel bad). i dont want to go to bed but i probly should, i'm tired. la. if there was a girl in the bed i'd be more inclined to go, hint hint

o, remember that letter capitalone was going to send me about how theyd put a hold on my account? it showed up yesterday. HOW TIMELY AND EFFICIENT OF THEM

my favorite part is that it's signed as such:

fraud operations

BOUNCEpogopogopogopogopogopogopogo (it's so exotic)
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this is how it should be done
this is how it should be done
this is how it should be done
with style
with style
with style: done

what the shittiness? while putting on socks, i just gave myself a papercut on my thumb with a toenail. that's friggin lame

i am now officially added to western civ. yay! now i just have to go to calc monday and get the drop sheet signed and i'm all set. so now i have class with nastassia 4 days a week, hee! s'all good in the hood
today was the 1st aegis meeting of the semester. it was fun, we somehow spent 2 hours doing very little, cuz we're good like that
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